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The second Ascent Business Forum takes place in Chisinau

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Following the success of the first Business Ascent Forum, the Consultancy Company “Ascent Group”, organizes the second edition, during 8-9th November.

The Forum’s main objective is organizing the investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova and of the politics in the economic and investment domain.

Besides the national companies that will take part in this event, investors from Romania, Cyprus, Italy, Greece and other countries from the European Union will also be present.

The organizers affirm that they intend to transform this event into a tradition. Last year, over 25 companies from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and USA took part in this Forum, companies that take part in developing foreign investments and intensifying business relations in the Republic of Moldova.

As a result of the Ascent Group invitation, the Vice-president of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Iurie Rosca, the Minister of Economy Trade, Mr. Idor Dodon, the vice-Minister of Finances, Mr. Ion Chicu and other officials from within Chisinau’s Town Hall, the Minister of Agriculture and of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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