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OCRA: Excellence in global corporate services
After 30 years in the corporate service industry we both know that your business needs are never static. It is the reason people look at OCRA Worldwide today as their provider of choice and the company they can trust. You can take confidence from the fact that we have established and administered over 150,000 companies and trusts worldwide from 20 global offices and take pride in giving value and personal service to the international business and professional community.

JordanSheppard. Organizational and search consultancy
JordanSheppard was established in 2001 and operates throughout EMEA, with reach into AsiaPacific and the North American region. JordanSheppard is an International Search Practice that transcends the typical geographic and functional business models of the headhunting community We deliver leadership and high potential talent to critical and strategic missions globally fusing together our interfaces with client companies and individuals to produce shared relationships that have integrity, commitment and lifetime value.

Identity Compass. Cutting edge profiling and assessment
Identity Compass® este un instrument inovativ de selecţie a personalului, care utilizează o serie de „modele de gândire”. El înregistrează modul în care oamenii iau decizii în situaţii tipice de muncă, evidenţiază ceea ce îi motivează pe angajaţi, care sunt valorile lor şi obiectivele lor profesionale. Cu ajutorul Identity Compass® pot fi determinate domeniile în care o persoană va face performanţă precum şi domeniile în care performanţa lor poate fi îmbunătăţită.

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