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Improving the quality of the services we provide to customers is the main concern we have at the Ascent Group. Therefore the companies belonging to Ascent Group and our consultants have acquired in time an important number of certifications and accreditations.

We present below some of them:

certificare_CNFPA.jpg166.23 KB
acreditare_AOFM.jpg223.9 KB
certificat_de_inregistrare_a_marcii.jpg68 KB
certificat_Larry_Farrell_method.jpg113.7 KB
certificat-trainer-the-farrell-company.jpg52.14 KB
licenta_Identity_Compass.jpg500.8 KB
certificat-mecepus-adela-cristea.jpg140.64 KB
licenta-lifo-adela-cristea.jpg357.1 KB
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