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Ascent Group has signed a strategic agreement with Eurointerim.

In November 2008 Ascent Group signed in Padova a strategic agreement with Eurointerim Spa. Based on this agreement Ascent Group will represent Eurointerim in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and the Republic of Moldova for the whole typology of services offered by Ascent Group. The same agreement stipulates that Ascent Group recognizes Eurointerim as its exclusive partner for personnel leasing services in all the countries in the region.

This partnership has a strategic importance, since it represents both the connection of Ascent Group with one more prestigious international organization, and at the same time, through the partnership with Eurointerim Ascent Group includes in its portfolio a new service: personnel leasing.

Eurointerim is one of the largest companies in Italy in the area of human resources services, mainly personnel leasing, being active for more than 10 years in this field of activity and being a company recognized by the high quality of the services offered to its clients.

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