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Consulting Review has launched the new website

The magazine Consulting Review recently launched the new version of the website. Starting with November 2008 you can read most of the articles published in the magazine also on the website, at:

Consulting Review was launched at the end of 2007 and in one year has managed to become a referral on the business publication’s market in Romania through the quality of the articles, analysis and opinions published by a wide number of specialists in the consulting fields that are covered by the magazine.

Starting with January 2009 the magazine will be distributed exclusively based on subscription. Details about the way you can subscribe can be found at Ascent Group invites you to subscribe to Consulting Review in order to benefit in 2009 as well by the advices of the magazine’s consultants.

Ascent Group is a partner of Consulting Review even from its launching, the Ascent Group’s consultants publishing a wide series of articles during this year, in each edition of the magazine, on topics like: legislation, taxation, accountancy and human resources.

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