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Jordan Sheppard Launches new services in Romania

Starting February this year, Jordan Sheppard launched new services in Romania. The new services are ”Outplacement” and an innovative service named ”Business Intelligence” from HR perspective.

The outplacement services aim at companies which are on their way to downsize part of their personnel and to part with specific members of their managerial team, as adaptation through low costs and efficiency at crisis time. The beneficiaries of this service are especially the downsized employees, who receive in this way professional consultancy for identifying new hiring opportunities and for positively overpassing this difficult period, in terms of social and psichological consequences.

The other service provided by Jordan Sheppard starting this month – Business Intelligence Report – is an interesting and innovating service for the Romanian market, through which Jordan Sheppard supports, with a personalized contribution, the companies interested in knowing, precisely and currently: how their refference market moves, what patterns they follow, what measures are adopted by similar companies, how they benchmark against salary and benefits levels. At the same time, the information provided by such a report focuses their hiring on a ’’Talent Universe’’ which suddenly becomes more known and accesible, offering companies the chance to meet and interract with professionals in their business arena (available for a career change and very interesting as personal and professional profiles).

“We chose this precise moment for the launching of the new services brought by Jordan Sheppard in Romania because they are needed now and because they match not only current, but also complex needs of the market. Few companies know that, beyond the general expectative that can characterize us during this period - of shaping a profound crisis at international and local levels - we can step further into certainty: through customized services, adapted, focused, which bring the market pulse, with insight into business but from HR perspective”. (Elena Ionescu, Manager Jordan Sheppard Romania)

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