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In January 2009 Ascent Group has signed a strategic partnership with the very known American expert in researching and promoting the principles of entrepreneurship and innovative business solutions - Larry Farrell. Due to this partnership, Ascent Group is going to represent Mr. Farell in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Moldova for training and consultancy services on entrepreneurship topics.

The conclusion of this partnership was followed by some visits of Larry Farrell in the region, who launched the program personally in Romania between 10-18 April 2009 and în Bulgaria on October 6.

Even though 2009 was a year of crisis and most of the companies have training budgets frozen, the training program of The Farrell Company has been very well received in the region, many companies trying to become more "entrepreneurial".

If we ask ourselves why is this program so successfull the answer is simple and we find it in the very essence of the program.

The program it is addressed to companies that want to develop an entrepreneurial culture inside their organisation, or in other words, to companies that want to teach managers (but not only) to think like real entrepreneurs. The seminar has two main objectives:

  • Participants learn how to use the basics of entrepreneurship to their jobs. The premise is that building and growing a business is very different than "managing" a business
  • The seminar offers participants a unique base the fundamentals of businesses with sustainable growth.

Finally, this program may be considered a "next step" to leadership programs. Today, all managers of big companies know how to "manage" a business. But how many of them know also, hot to grow it??? This is the part that we can learn from the greatest entrepreneurs of all times.

Entrepreneurial behavior is presented as a series of business practices that any employee of any company can use. Not last, this program is based on a serie of practical applications, representing the commitment of participants to increase their individual entrepreneurial spirit and the overall competitiveness of the company.

Here's why that program aroused the interest of so many companies in the region. It is simply exactelly what all companies need during the time of crisis and not only: to become more competitive and efficient, to constantly grow, and not least, to find some basic practices that stayed to the origin traditional entrepreneurship and to the growth of a healthy and lasting business. In other words "let's move forward by getting back to the basics!"

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