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The Republic of Moldova, a target for more and more foreign investors

Due to the late political and economic evolutions, the Republic of Moldova becomes more and more attractive to foreign investors. The foreign investments in the Republic of Moldova recorded an important increase in 2007, compared to 2006. The Vice-president of the Moldavian Legislative, Iurie Rosca assures that the Republic of Moldova is open to the cooperation with the foreign businessmen and has the ambition of becoming a truly functional economy.

The territorial Network of Ascent Group includes, besides the offices from Romania, (Bucharest and Arad) also offices in Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Republic of Moldova and Chisinau.

The Chisinau office of Ascent Group was founded in 2006, and offers judicial and fiscal consultancy and human resources services to the foreign investors interested in the Republic of Moldova. The coordinator of the Ascent Group office in Chisinau is Lia Bejenaru, who graduated the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova and the European Institute of Political Studies within the European Council.

Ascent Group office in Chisinau plans, for this autumn, among other things, the organization of the 2nd edition of the International Business Forum : “Ascent Business Forum”.

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