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Analysis & Opinion

How much it costs us an employee in the Republic of Moldova?

The moment when a new member of the team is being recruited within the company, the employer assumes, beside the salary, some other expenses as, for example, the assurance of a safe and well organized working place, expenses related to the materials he-she will consume and obviously the mandatory taxes for the state budget.

We will analyse further on the situation of the Republic of Moldova regarding the taxes which the employer has to support for his own employees.

Thus, in agreement with the legislation from the Republic of Moldova, each employer is obliged to calculate and retain each month different taxes regarding his own employees taking into account the exemptions claimed by the employee, the contributions or the bonuses calculated in accordance to the decisions made by the Major Fiscal State Inspectorate, The Medical Insurance National House and The National Social Insurances House of the Republic of Moldova. read more»

How hard is to be a good colleague?

If I could ask anybody on Earth, no matter religion or nationality, I think few people could give me a definition of what means to be a good colleague at work.

In fact, there is not a standard definition to explain what means to be a good colleague at work, but we could guide ourselves to some unwritten rules. This comes from the inside of each person and depends on its character, on the honour and respect we generally grant to human beings.

Anyway, in my opinion, attitude towards our colleagues is connected with our communication skills and the importance we grant to interpersonal relationships.

We should have a positive attitude at work, should try to avoid criticism for our colleagues or in case we have something to object we should treat the situation with diplomacy and decency. read more»

Remuneration systems

One of most important obligations of the employer towards its employees is to pay them. Fulfilling the duties assumed, means for most employers one of the biggest expenses related to their activity. Salaries and their related costs (contributions to health, unemployment, pensions, etc.) usually add up to approximately 60% of total operating costs of a large-scale enterprise. read more»

Are you ready for your new Manager?

Every recruitment process, whether handled internally or through a recruitment agency, starts with a good definition of the ideal candidate profile. If we are talking about a middle or top management position, inevitably the ideal profile will contain the following expressions: “leadership abilities”, “vision” and “business understanding”, “thinking out-of-the-box”, “inspiring people”, “reflects the values and the culture of the company”, etc.

The expectations that the new manager has to fulfill are also clearly stated: team development, process optimization, meeting sales targets or other business objectives. read more»

Why are we more efficient when being a team?

Few of us truly understand what the importance of working in a team is. How can we be efficient working in a team and why working together? One of the apparently insignificant aspects would be the need to have a strong motivation from each team member in order to wish and determine to involve itself and to work within a team.

A strong motivation for some people would be either a higher wage or a raise. Each of us has different motivations but for co-working in a team there must be a final purpose, a common gain, even though individual motivations are different. read more»

“Bermuda Triangle” in recruitment

Why “Bermuda Triangle”? Due to the fact the entire recruitment process is based mainly on working with people. And knowing that we, as human nature, are so unpredictable, here is how a sinuous relation has been created among: candidate – recruiter – client. Since I have been working in this area have heard, seen and lived all kind of both pleasant and less pleasant experiences.

Unfortunately, at the present time many of us realize in a small percentage or at all what our roles in this equation are. From my own experience I can tell you that the recruiter has the toughest role. This one is the “lever” between candidate and employer. Depending on its successes or failures this one could be either congratulated or insulted. This one is responsible for everything that is going on during the entire recruitment process as well as afterwards, during follow-up phase. This one is responsible when a client or candidate is unsatisfied by the choice they made. read more»

The registering of the contracts with non-resident suppliers

The Official Gazette no 858/2007 published details regarding the procedure of registering of the contracts between Romanian legal entities and foreign legal entities or non resident persons.

This normative document repealed the stipulations of ANAF Disposition no 1.145/2007 emitted in October 2007 and substantially modified the registration procedure of the contracts concluded with non-resident suppliers.

Thus, its important modifications are: read more»

What should we know about collective labour agreements?

Analysis published in Consulting Review magazine

The collective labour contract represents an agreement concluded in a written form on one hand between the employer and on the other by the employees, through their assigned representatives or where there is the case, by unions. In this agreement there are established clauses concerning working conditions, remuneration, as well as other rights and obligations resulted from labour relations. All companies that have at least 21 employees are obliged by Labour Code (Law 53/2003, republished) to conclude collective labour agreements. read more»

I want to be a manager!

First, I would like to note a short fragment from a discussion carried on this theme. The person I have spoken with had recently graduated from a college of management and marketing and had never worked before. What do you consider to be a suitable job for you?... Well, I want to be a manager. Why do you want to be a manager? Well, because I will have a huge wage, a car, phone, laptop, and I will be important and people will respect me. And what do you think are the qualities a manager should have?... Well, to be tough with its employees, knowing how to control them, otherwise nobody will listen to, to tell them what to do and if they don’t listen to fire them. Yes, this is a part of a real conversation. Honestly, many times I get confused not knowing how to react in such cases: either to laugh out loud or to cry out loud. read more»

How much will cost us the salary in 2008?

2008 brought us many changes regarding both the level of some taxes and social contributions, and also the level of the minimum salary, on national economy level and also relate to some professional categories...

Considering these changes, the minimum salary on economy level in Romania has increased starting with January 2008 to 500 Lei, compared with 390 Lei in 2007. Based on the legislation changes brought by the Government Decision no. 1,507 issued on 12th of December 2007, the minimum gross salary on economy level will also increase again with July 1st 2008 to 540 Lei, in case that the main indicators on macroeconomic level, based on whom the budget is built, will be maintained (increase of the GDP, maintaining of the inflations within the estimated values, maintenance of the economic grow and work productivity). read more»

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