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Analysis & Opinion

The psychological Agreement with Romania

Exactly how attractive is Romania for the new comers of various industries we can anticipate by measuring the volume of FDI, before and after joining EU, as well as by considering the rhythm and dynamics of business on its territory during the last years.

And yet... how attractive is Romania for a new comer on the market? We could probably say that, apart from the legislation and political frame, taxation, reforms, level of corruption and other conditions considered by investors, what actually summarizes and concludes the relationship with the investor is the honoring of a psychological agreement... read more»

Merchandise transportation in 2008. Directions and challenges

Romania’s joining to the EU in 2007 led to new challenges for the road transportation operators. The authorizations problem doesn’t exist any more, but problems related to the management of the transportation companies appeared. These companies must find rapidly solutions for keeping the labor force and for a more efficient activity, especially by developing the provided services.

The fact that, on the Romanian market already appeared important transportation companies from the neighboring countries, who are transferring trucks in Romania in order to use the Romanian labor force paid at national standards, has created numerous dysfunctions on the labor market in this domain.

However, the lack of any minimum conditions for registering in the Operator’s Transportation Registry, determined the increase of the small operators’ number, with one-two trucks. read more»

Why using coaching?

The idea of coaching has started to appear, even implementing in daily agitated companies’ lives, no matter if big, medium or small. There are different articles, TV shows, books debating even creating a media event on this theme. Indeed, it has a long time since is practiced and has good results “over the borders”. But human reticence makes us wonder: why coaching?

In actual fact this so-called reticence hides its dose of pragmatism: why choosing to invest enormous amounts of money in our employees? They really deserve this financial effort? read more»

Moldova: Fiscal Innovations in 2008

2008 promises to be a year full of surprises and innovations in the fiscal domain, at least this is what the Ministries of Economy and Finance that thought of a true economic revolution, promise us. Everything started since 2007, when the Government canceled all the company’s fiscal debts until January the 1st 2007, thus beginning a new stage, which, they hope it will be more productive. This Reform is called “Fiscal Amnesty”, and its main purpose is to help and promote the companies that cannot function normally because of the debts to the State’s budget. The purpose is to develop the local business environment, but also to increase the main economic indicators, thus creating the premises for attracting local and foreign investments. read more»

Why training? Why Ascent Group?

Until getting into the deeps of training area from a trainer perspective, I was many years in row a training participant. My luck – and now yours as a user of Ascent Group’s services – is that my first impressions on training were exceptional and the experiences I have been through and which are the basis of my trainer preparation were special, spectacular, and kind of life-changing! I have oriented towards this area because at that time I understood how great is to be a trainer, how you could change people’s lives, their interpersonal relationships but with themselves also, how you could help them become more for themselves and the environment they live their personal and professional life, and being aware of the long and troublesome road I have to travel. read more»

"Doing Business" in Moldova

When talking about the possibility of investing in the Republic of Moldova, there’s a first question that appears: How complicated, certain and advantageous is to place money in a country that finds itself in a process of economic transition?

A research made by World Bank and International Finance Corporation tried to answer this question, study that analyzed 178 economies in the world, including the economy of the Republic of Moldova, from the business environment point of view. Doing Business 2008 places Moldova on the 92nd place, a favorable position compared to the majority of the countries from Eastern Europe, being followed by Azerbaijan (96th place), Belarus (106th place) and Ukraine (139th place). read more»

Self-knowledge – how important is for us?

Recently, I have participated at a start course in NLP (neuro–linguistic programming). For those unfamiliar with this term, I could give one of the „definitions”, sustaining that NLP: “is the applied amount of psychology knowledge, research of mind and language, and makes possible the teaching and learning of success communication and of thinking and action oriented towards objectives for personality development.”

I can also tell you it was quite an experience that I enjoyed a lot and has proved I do not know myself that well as previously considering. It has determined to ask myself about my own person and to realize that knowing me is a laborious process, but worth every penny. read more»

Personnel fluctuation? Identity Compass is the answer

Nowadays, employers together with employees confront themselves with the so-called issue of “personnel fluctuation”. Has become such an ordinary problem that we have begun to ignore it. Actually, this seeming indifference is a way of “defending” ourselves against the phenomena we do not know.

Certainly, the personnel fluctuation is a phenomenon that is extending every day. What could affect more severely, within a company, than one employee’s resignation or even more? Are we fully aware of the costs that are emphasized by this “quitting”? Much more, the negative impact they have on the other employees? read more»

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