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2018. What's really changing in the people development market?

The classical two days training approach is less and less required by companies. The companies are looking for more customised people development programs that include a variation of approaches from hard skills, soft skills training to interactive workshops and coaching and mentoring one on one sessions to consolidate the discovery and the learning. 
This new perspective of approaching people development aims to create a culture in which everyone - not just the “high potentials”- overcome challenges, their own internal barriers and vulnerabilities.
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The country of "it is impossible"

Have you ever been in the country of it is impossible?

If you have never been, let me tell you something from my last journey’s diary in the country of it is impossible. My story starts with my entry into this country.

After a long but pleasant journey I have arrived to the country’s borders. I passed the check point for identity cards and asked a frontier policeman: From where can I buy a travel license stamp? The policeman threw my passport in hurry and replied: From here it is impossible! Then he made me a sign to move on. read more»

Merchandise transportation in 2008. Directions and challenges

Romania’s joining to the EU in 2007 led to new challenges for the road transportation operators. The authorizations problem doesn’t exist any more, but problems related to the management of the transportation companies appeared. These companies must find rapidly solutions for keeping the labor force and for a more efficient activity, especially by developing the provided services.

The fact that, on the Romanian market already appeared important transportation companies from the neighboring countries, who are transferring trucks in Romania in order to use the Romanian labor force paid at national standards, has created numerous dysfunctions on the labor market in this domain.

However, the lack of any minimum conditions for registering in the Operator’s Transportation Registry, determined the increase of the small operators’ number, with one-two trucks. read more»

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