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Outplacement: the right approach

Under “normal” economic conditions and moreover in economic and financial crisis context, outplacement, as a way to support future ex- employees fully proves its usefulness.

Defined as a consultancy service dedicated both to employees and employers, meant to ensure a smooth transition to a new job, respectively a new organizational structure, outplacement very well points out an ethical approach that companies must prove in difficult times.

On the development route of a company, critical moments can sometimes arise, when in order to remain competitive on the market the company must downsize its personnel or part (from different reasons) with some members of its team, including members of the managerial team. In these situations benefiting from external, specialized consultancy services is ideal. I would name only a few reasons: objectiveness, confidentiality and expertise. read more»

Are you ready for your new Manager?

Every recruitment process, whether handled internally or through a recruitment agency, starts with a good definition of the ideal candidate profile. If we are talking about a middle or top management position, inevitably the ideal profile will contain the following expressions: “leadership abilities”, “vision” and “business understanding”, “thinking out-of-the-box”, “inspiring people”, “reflects the values and the culture of the company”, etc.

The expectations that the new manager has to fulfill are also clearly stated: team development, process optimization, meeting sales targets or other business objectives. read more»

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