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New VAT payment system starting with January 2013

According to Government Decision 15/2012 for modifying the Law 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code for 2013, the taxpayers with tax residence in Romania and whose revenue during October 1st 2011 – September 30th 2012, does not exceed 2.250.000 RON will be applying the VAT charge on cashed-in system starting January 1st 2013.

In order to comply with these provisions, the taxpayer who is pass to the new system is responsible for submitting, before October 25th, a written notification to prove that revenue during October 1st 2011 – September 30th 2012 (inclusive) did not exceed the 2.250.000 RON limit.

  • VAT on cash system does not apply to taxpayers that are part of a single fiscal group.
  • VAT on cash system applies only to transactions where goods or services are in Romania.

Transations which are not affected by the new system read more»

The term for submitting annual financial statements (D 101) has been altered

Every beginning of the year comes with a series of questions regarding the reporting of the financial situation of the last year. In the following article, we will try to give an answer to some of the frequently asked questions on this matter, with reference to the 2011 financial year.

When do we submit Declaration 101 in 2012?

According to Ordonance nr. 2/25th of January 2012 regarding modification and completion of OG 92/2003 regarding Fiscal Procedure Code, annual declaration of income tax (tax on profit) for 2011 will be submitted, with the proper authorities, until March 25th, except non-profit organizations and companies with their majority of income based on cereal culture and technical plants, tree and vine farming, which submit their form up to 25th of february 2012. read more»

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