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Business opportunities: Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Republic of Moldova

2010-09-16 11:00
2010-09-16 13:00


Globalization. International business relationships. Economic crisis! Their effects obliges us to reconsider our activities and take decisions: to cut budgets, to dismiss employees or even to close offices and branches, but also to consider strategies that help us grow our company, looking to new markets and new investment opportunities.

Why this project? read more»

The top of the most wanted trainings during the crisis

Training was one of the most affected sectors uring the crisis. We all know that training market dramatically decreased last year, due to the "education cost freeze" process in most of the companies.

However, even during the crisis period, some of the topics were highly requested by companies, especially because they respond tu curent needs.

One of the most popular training modules during the crisis, was certainly the one related to entrepreneurship and the ways to use the basics of entrepreneurship in the work activities, dedicated to managers and employees who want to develop their entrepreneurial spirit in their jobs. The difference that this new module is bringing on the Romanian market is encouraging the employees of the companies to build and grow a business and not just to manage it. read more»

State grants budget for companies increased 20 times

Minimis State grants represent one of the best financing solutions for small and medium enterprises. At the end of May the Government increased 20 times the grants schemes to enterprises, from five million to one hundred million, allocating 20 million euros for 2009.

Moreover, the Government also extended the number of companies fields of activity that may require such grants from the state, including mostly manufacturing: the production of textures, clothing, leather processing and footwear production, glass production and articles of paper.

These grants are offered for a period of three consecutive fiscal years, and the projects are supported 100% by the state budget.  read more»

Ministry of Environment launching a new selection of projects în the field of nature

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MMDD) launches the second selection session for projects in the field of nature protection, to provide non refundable financial assistance in the Sectoral Operational Program „Environment”, namely Priority Axis 4 - „Implementation of Appropriate Management Systems for Protection of the Nature”.

The projects should be developed in line with the objectives and strategy for financing related priority axis 4 - „Implementation of Appropriate Management Systems for Protection of Nature” of the POS Environment.

The requests for funding (the application form) and the Applicant's Guide is available on the website of MMDD ( The Applicant Guide contains details about the conditions of access the funding system and the instructions for completion and submission of funding requests. read more»

74 companies for sell in the Republic of Moldova

The Government of the Republic of Moldova announced the selling of the participations held in 74 companies. The state's stocks in those companies are between 10-100%. The selling will be performed by public auction on the Stock Exchange between the 4-17th of March 2008.

As by the Moldavian Law, the right to acquire these shares is reserved for Moldavian individuals or legal entities registered in the Republic of Moldova. The requests for buy can be presented through the brokerage companies registered at the Moldavian Stock Exchange.

For additional information regarding the companies that are sold we invite you to contact the consultants of Ascent Group.

Latest political and economic advancements make Moldova more attractive to foreign investors

Chisinau, 6 June MOLDPRES - "The latest political and economic advancements make Moldova a more attractive target to foreign investors," the manager of the Romanian Ascent Group consultancy company, Adela Cristea, made a statement to this effect during the opening of a business forum the company organised in Chisinau on 6-7 June.

Cristea said the forum, which brings together business representatives from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and the USA, aims at bringing in Moldova an important number of foreign companies interested to invest in the country's economy, and to conclude partnerships with local firms.

Participating in the forum, Deputy Speaker Iurie Rosca said "Moldova is open to cooperation with foreign business people, and it is eager to become a really functional economy. And the economic growth is one of the tasks of any institution specialised in economic collaboration." read more»

The Republic of Moldova, a target for more and more foreign investors

Due to the late political and economic evolutions, the Republic of Moldova becomes more and more attractive to foreign investors. The foreign investments in the Republic of Moldova recorded an important increase in 2007, compared to 2006. The Vice-president of the Moldavian Legislative, Iurie Rosca assures that the Republic of Moldova is open to the cooperation with the foreign businessmen and has the ambition of becoming a truly functional economy.

The territorial Network of Ascent Group includes, besides the offices from Romania, (Bucharest and Arad) also offices in Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Republic of Moldova and Chisinau. read more»

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