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Ascent Group is launching the 2010 training programs

We are în the crisis: crisis of trained people, resource people, talented people.

And we are also in the crisis of people able to identify, develop and keep the resource people in the companies.

Ascent Group is your partner in the process of personal and professional development of your employees, because the continuous personnel development is a need felt by any company especially during the curent economical context.

Ascent Group brings a modern vision into the learning process, by emphasizing the benefits of "learning by doing" through exercises, role-plays and behavioral modeling. Our training programs have an interactive approach, are personalized and addressed to each client’s unique demands, to their visions and organizational objectives.

In addition to training modules already well-known and indispensable for any organisation, such as: the development of communication skills, negotiation, sale, leardership or various team building programs, the Ascent Group's training offer was recently enriched with two new training modules: the training module on Entrepreneurship, held under the license of The Farrell Company and the Public Speaking training module organized in cooperation and under license of MECEPUS, Mediterranean Center of Public Speaking.

The last ones, have reached a very high number of participants and positive feedback in the season that just ended.
For more details regarding our training programs please contact Ascent Group's consultants or download our brochure: Ascent Group Training Programs 2010. We look forward to see you on our trainings!

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