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"No border" a successful start for the Romanian - Bulgarian cross-border cooperation

On 18th of June 2009 took place in Bulgaria, Ruse the „No Borders” event, a Romanian – Bulgarian bilateral business meeting organized by Ascent Group in partnership with UNPR – National Union of Romanian Employers, BRCCI – Romanian–Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the magazines Manager Bulgaria and Consulting Review Romania.

Bulgaria and Romania, two neighboring countries separated by borders several decades that remained now only symbolic, gathered in No Borders event all their business potential and colaboration interest. No Borders event aimed to encourage the cross-border cooperation and investments, to facilitate the neighboring market acces and to stimulate business partnerships for both countries companies.

A significant number of companies participated to the event

The event gathered 130 participants, representing leading companies from Romania and Bulgaria. This large participation proves the real interest for investment in the neighboring country and the existence of an acute need for exchanging information, experiences and business opportunities between the Romanian and Bulgarian investors.

Among the guests that took part to the event, participate also the representative of National Agency for Foreign Investments in Romania, the Embassy of Bulgaria in Romania and the Romanian Embassy in Bulgaria.

During the event, there were made presentations on the main opportunities that each country offers, the legal, fiscal and investment enviorenment and, in the end, the companies could addressed questions to the guests. In the second part of the day there were held bilateral meetings between the participating companies for the purpose of concluding a partnership business.

"No borders" was a success, resulting in developing business partnerships between the both companies countries that participate to the event.

Bridge tax - an obstacle of Romanian-Bulgarian bilateral cooperation

One of the main issues raised by participants at the event and declared as a major obstacle of the Romanian-Bulgarian collaboration, is the existence of a single bridge between the two countries, and also the existence of the"bridge tax" in Giurgiu, a fee that, in “No Borders” participants opinion bring more harm than benefit to both countries.

Ascent Group encourage the cooperation in the region
Ascent Group already developed in the past, two Business Forum in Chisinau to encourage the investments in Republic of Moldova, which gathered a large number of participants. "No Borders" is the first project to stimulate the Romanian - Bulgarian cooperation.

Ascent Group will continue to organize such events to bring together companies from different industries that show real interest for investment and development.

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