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State grants budget for companies increased 20 times

Minimis State grants represent one of the best financing solutions for small and medium enterprises. At the end of May the Government increased 20 times the grants schemes to enterprises, from five million to one hundred million, allocating 20 million euros for 2009.

Moreover, the Government also extended the number of companies fields of activity that may require such grants from the state, including mostly manufacturing: the production of textures, clothing, leather processing and footwear production, glass production and articles of paper.

These grants are offered for a period of three consecutive fiscal years, and the projects are supported 100% by the state budget.

Some of the eligibility conditions which requires access to the minimis grants are: compliance with legislation on the establishment of companies, to be part of small and medium enterprises category, to carry out activities in eligible fields of activity, to not have unpaid debts to the state or be in bankruptcy procedures, enforcement, dissolution, judicial reorganization, operaţional closing or close as considered enterprise in economic and financial difficulty.

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