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"The Corporate Entrepreneurship" program successfully launched in Bulgaria

On October 6th Ascent Group Bulgaria held in the Radisson Hotel Sofia a seminar under the theme "The Crisis Age of Enterprise", which was delivered by Mr. Larry Farrell - globally recognized authority on entrepreneurship.

Mr. Farrell has a wide and diverse theoretical and practical background - Peace Corps Volunteer, University of California Law School, Harvard Business School, Vice President at American Express in New York, President of Kepner-Tregoe in Princeton, NJ, board member of The Economic Development Society in the USA, and The Journal Of Strategic Change in London. He is also a regular columnist for The Conference Board Review, the magazine of The Conference Board in New York City

He published three books on entrepreneurship - "Searching for the Spirit Of Enterprise", "The Entrepreneurial Age", "Getting Entrepreneurial!", that received critical acclaim and have been translated into several languages. Soon one of them will be launched also on the Bulgarian market.

Over the past two decades, he has personally taught entrepreneurship to one million three hundred thousand people worldwide. Moreover, The Farrell Company is the world's leading organization for researching and teaching entrepreneurial practices,with affiliates in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa in 40 countries, across seven languages, have attended the company's programs.

On the seminar in Sofia Mr. Farrell presented the four high-growth basics steps to successful entrepreneurship, which anyone can apply in their own job and organization:

  1. Sense of mission - the entrepreneurial way to deliver product/market winners
  2. Customer/Product Vision - creating entrepreneurial passion to produce continuous growth
  3. High-speed Innovation - the entrepreneur's secret weapon for beating the competition
  4. Self-inspired Behavior - the power of loving what you do and getting very good at it

The “Technology” is based on original research into the real business practices of great entrepreneurs and their high-growth companie. Supported by real examples from European, Asian and American Market, it demonstrates the difference between create and develop of a business by its management. Also, Mr. Farrell showed how entrepreneurial behavior is contained in a series of business practices that every employee, regardless of their position, may apply.

The event took place within half a day and was completed with a working lunch, during which practical discussions were held between Mr. Farrell and representatives of the companies who attended the event.

The seminar roused interest in companies developing in the field of human resources, consulting services, information technology, manufacturers of electrical, entrepreneurship, and representatives of academic circles - attended by representatives of five Bulgarian universities.

The organizers of the event - Ascent Group Bulgaria become popular after Bulgarian-Romanian business meeting, No border, organized in Ruse earlier this year.

Delivering business events is only a part of the diverse portfolio of services the company offers. As a part of Ascent Group, with offices in Romania, Moldova, Cyprus and Serbia Ascent Group Bulgaria offers assistance to start-up business in Bulgaria, accounting and legal services, management and human resources development, training and open seminars.

The event caused great interest among the participants and those who do not attend will have this opportunity again in March next year.

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