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The top of the most wanted trainings during the crisis

Training was one of the most affected sectors uring the crisis. We all know that training market dramatically decreased last year, due to the "education cost freeze" process in most of the companies.

However, even during the crisis period, some of the topics were highly requested by companies, especially because they respond tu curent needs.

One of the most popular training modules during the crisis, was certainly the one related to entrepreneurship and the ways to use the basics of entrepreneurship in the work activities, dedicated to managers and employees who want to develop their entrepreneurial spirit in their jobs. The difference that this new module is bringing on the Romanian market is encouraging the employees of the companies to build and grow a business and not just to manage it.

The second most required trainings during the crisis were the modules that have focused on developing sales, negotiation and leadership skills. These modules had the main focus on developing skills of employees în order to adapt to changes, decision making under a changing environment, but also to reduce costs in the company.

Not last, the training modules related to maintaining relationships with clients with focus on solving customer requests, issues and conflicts had also priority în this specific period of time.

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