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Working at home

article published in Tonica magazine

How many times dind't you want to escape, even for one single day, from the crowded roadway from your job office and back, anyhow you were traveling: with your own car, subway, bus? How many times you dreamed to escape, at least for one single day, from the morning strict schedule of your office that you can not violate but extremely flexible in the evening?

And how many times you have wanted to be able to transform the perfectly ironing clothes, the dress perfectly matching with the makeup, the elegant hair or the heavy atmosphere from the office with a light toilet - pajamas or robe and with a nice music loud enough for a perfect relax ?

Seems like a dream, but today's technology allows us to enjoy and to forget, whenever we want, the never ending timetable from the job, the crowd and the enforced dress code, if we decide to work from home.

A job from home can be carry on both as a permanent job or as a second job, after the office hours of each day, or as a job during the maternity leave.

In any of these situations, we can open an online business and sell products or services we can provide in order to receive an additional or the necessary income for every day life.

The category of products that we can sell online are most often food, cloth or services.

For those who know a foreign language, a translation office may be the ideal solution for a job at home. An IT programmer can create a network of clients and make IT programs on his home computer and an accountant can make home the bookkeeping to numerous companies.

In case you are not accountant, translator or IT programmer and you don't have any plan to become, but you want to work from home then you can become representative of certain companies that produce cosmetics and electronics, cloth or home decoration. Becoming a reprsentative of these type of companies you can organize home presentations to sell the products you are representative of.

There is no magic receipt in how to find a job for working home. You need to identify the one that is good enough to help you reach customers only through the Internet or phone in order to get the profit you need. And as a personal advice: choose an activity you have some knowledge of or you like doing it in order to spend your time in a more pleasant way.

Working from home can have also negative effects. The fact that you will no longer enter into direct contact with people, colleagues or customers can have a negative effect on your efficiency, especially if you are a very open person, sociable, communicative. These people, who generally works very well in a team and communicate well with all the people around them, can emotionally suffer working from home, and can have suddenly weak results. The reason? Low efficiency because of the insufficient socialization.

So be careful when you decide to take a job at home! Even when you consider this job as an opportunity to escape of domestic work routine you should try to balance the workload with social life. Otherwise you risk to overcrowd yourself with a lot of activities that can invade your home and privacy, and make you to neglect family responsibilities or, worse, to completely forget the social relations that have a decisive role in improving the activities you perform.

Working from home doesn't mean to have only a boss who demands constant reports, close deadlines, a never ending work program and rigid colleagues. A job at home requires a balance between family and professional life, a strict working program even if it has 3 or 10 hours and last but not least, the determination and confidence in what you do.

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