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Ministry of Environment launching a new selection of projects în the field of nature

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MMDD) launches the second selection session for projects in the field of nature protection, to provide non refundable financial assistance in the Sectoral Operational Program „Environment”, namely Priority Axis 4 - „Implementation of Appropriate Management Systems for Protection of the Nature”.

The projects should be developed in line with the objectives and strategy for financing related priority axis 4 - „Implementation of Appropriate Management Systems for Protection of Nature” of the POS Environment.

The requests for funding (the application form) and the Applicant's Guide is available on the website of MMDD ( The Applicant Guide contains details about the conditions of access the funding system and the instructions for completion and submission of funding requests.

The deadline of submission the projects is 30 April 2009. For more information and submission the funding requests, the applicants will address to the Intermediary Body of the POS Environment within each region in which the project is located.

For accomplished the specific objectives of the POS Environment has been identified the following priority axis of funding:

  1. Extend and modernise the water and waste water infrastructure (total approximately 3.3 billion Euros of which the EU grants 2.8 billion Euro)
  2. Develop the integrated management systems of the waste products and reabilitation of the contaminated sites history (1,2 billion euros of which the EU grant approximately one billion euros)
  3. Reduce the pollution and decrease the effects of climate chages through the reorganization and rehabilitation of district heating systems to achieve energy efficiency targets in villages most affected by pollution (458 million euros of which the EU grants 299 million Euro)
  4. Implement the appropriate management systems for nature protection (215 million euros, of whiv h the EU grants 172 million Euro)
  5. Develop adequate infrastructure to prevent natural risks in the most exposed areas to risk (329 million euros of which the EU grants 270 million Euro)
  6. Technical assistance (174 million euros of which the EU grants 130 million euros)
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