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Starting with January 1, 2010 micro-enterprises no longer exist in Romania

According to the communication of the Ministry of Public Finance of Romania, on January 27, 2010, starting with January 1, 2010, the provisions of Title IV ‘Taxes on the Income of Micro-enterprises ", the application regulations, as well as other provisions incident to this system, are not longer produceing legal effects.

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 107 of Law no. 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code, the taxation system for micro-enterprises had a limited application in time, ending on December 31, 2009, by way of regulating tax rates only for the years 2007-2009.

Therefore, as of January 1, 2010, micro-enterprises that until December 31, 2009 have applied the provisions of Title IV of the Fiscal Code, will fall into the category of taxpayers of income tax, under Title II "Income taxes" in Law nr.571/2003 regarding the Tax Code, with later on amendments and completions.

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