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The performance as assistant manager, open training, Bucharest

2009-09-29 10:00
2009-09-30 17:00

How to be an efficient assistant manager...

The assistant manager has an important role in the company being a close collaborator of the manager. For this reason, the assistant manager education must be comprehensive to cover various knowledge of communication, protocol, marketing, management, accounting, computer science, law.

The particularities that an assistant manager must have are: a metabolism that seems to improve under pressure, an instinct to make order in chaos, the ability to solve tough problems without supervisory, the skill to deal with the most difficult people (including your boss).

Do you want to lose the appellative “the girl from the reception”? Do you want to know how to become that assistant manager your boss need so much? How to be a close collaborator of his and not just an assistant manager to take the phone calls, manage the correspondence and prepare the meeting minutes?
This training helps you realize what is the exact role of an assistant manager, what expects a manager from you, what abilities you need to develop to become “the right hand” of your manager.


The course is addressed to all the assistants of general managers, to assistants of departments managers that want to reach performance, to improve and organize the information they operate with and to secretaries that want to promote.


  • Improving the communication and relationship with the internal and external public
  • Developing the information of commercial correspondence
  • Improving the organizational skills and the time management of the administrative tasks
  • Developing of basic economic and marketing concepts
  • Refining their own business image


  • The role of assistant manager in the company - secretary vs. assistant manager
  • The manager expectations from the assistant manager
  • Internal and external communication
  • Correspondence and written information – the efficiency of information system
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Organizational skills, the management of super congestion
  • Relations with the internal and external public
  • Elements of primary book-keeping
  • Basic concepts of marketing (the external environment, competition analysis)
  • Protocol, image, vocabulary

Working methodology

The training is based on the “Learning by doing” and is highly interactive, involving the participants in the ongoing games, activities, case studies. Also, during the training it will be used professional tests, which will provide participants with regard to their own personal style and the possibilities of improving it.

Following the training, each participant will receive a certificate which will certify the Ascent Group courses, the training materials and a CD with pictures and records took during the course

The training will be held in the Romanian language

Price - 280 Euro/participant

  • The price includes the both days of training participantion and the training materials
  • The price includes 2 lunch meals and 4 coffee breaks
  • The price does not include VAT

The companies that register more than one participant will receive a discount rate of 5% for the second participant and a discount rate of 10% for the third application registered

Please find attached the profile of the trainer and the official invitation of this course.

For registrations, please contact us via e-mail or fax 021/5693670, contact person – Dina Ţarălungă.

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