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The crisis age of enterprise

2009-10-06 10:00

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In the difficult moments and time of crisis, we all think every day, how to make our businesses stronger, how to improve and even hold the enterprises.

We often find advices for crisis management, search for tools and new approaches, which will give us the faith that we can continue without sacrificing our plans.

It is difficult, but we have to move on without stopping and benefit from the time and use all possible opportunities for success.

Ascent Group Bulgaria together with Ciela soft & publishing has the unique opportunity to invite you to meet face to face with the world guru in the field of entrepreneurship Larry Farrell in a half day seminar, under the theme The crisis age of enterprise.

  • 06th of October 2009, Tuesday
  • Radisson Hotel Sofia, 10 O’clock

The Farrell Company is the world's leading organization for researching and teaching entrepreneurial practices. Its “technology” is based on original research into the real business practices of great entrepreneurs and their high-growth companies.

Come to find out the four high-growth basics of entrepreneurial enterprise, which anyone can learn and apply in their own job and organization:

  • Sense Of Mission - the entrepreneurial way to deliver product/market winners
  • Customer/Product Vision - creating entrepreneurial passion to produce continuous growth
  • High-speed Innovation - the entrepreneur's secret weapon for beating the competition
  • Self-inspired Behavior - the power of loving what you do and getting very good at it

Larry Farrell will present his book published in Bulgaria “The age of enterprise”.

The seminar will also give you the opportunity to get

  • global trends in entrepreneurship
  • useful experience and make useful business contacts
  • a working lunch with Larry and participate in practical discussions

Larry Farrell...

Larry Farrell has a diverse background: Peace Corps Volunteer, University of California Law School, Harvard Business School, Vice President at American Express in New York, President of Kepner-Tregoe in Princeton, NJ, board member of The Economic Development Society in the USA, and The Journal Of Strategic Change in London. He is also a regular columnist for The Conference Board Review, the magazine of the The Conference Board in New York City.

His three books on entrepreneurship, Searching for the Spirit Of Enterprise, The Entrepreneurial Age, and Getting Entrepreneurial! have received critical acclaim and have been translated into several languages. Over the past two decades, he has personally taught entrepreneurship to more individuals, organizations, and governments than any person in the world.


  • lecture starting time 10:00-10:50
  • Coffee break 10:50-11:10
  • Book and trainings presentation 11:10-12: 00
  • Break 12:00-12: 30
  • Lunch 12:30-14: 00


  • Single participation fee 99 EUR
  • Participation fee for the seminar and the working lunch 159 EUR without VAT.

Please have in mind that the official language of the seminar is English, there is no translation in Bulgarian provided.

For confirmation please fill the registration form.

For more information and participation confirmation, please contact Mrs Katya Sotirova tel./fax +359.2.865.04.23 or e-mail:, Ascent Group Bulgaria Ltd, address Sofia, 63 Tsanko Tserkovski Str.

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