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2010-12-09 09:00
2010-12-10 17:00

How to captivate our audience ...

Sweaty palms, the perspiration of the forehead, the accelerate heartbeat or the erasure of all the ideas from your mind are some of the inconveniences that might occur in a public presentation. The fear of speaking in public is among the biggest fear of the human being.

The ability to make presentations in public and to efficiently sustain ideas has an important impact on our success in career and the whole society.

With the techniques and methods presented in this course you will better understand better can we make a successful and a persuasive presentation in order to maintain the interest of the audience awake.


The course is addressed to:

  • people that speak in public through the nature of their work
  • professionals who want to excel in public vocations – politics, TV, journalism, law, teaching, conferencing, etc.
  • university graduates who are or will be employed in areas coming in contact with people: teaching, sales, management, supervising, banking, tourism, etc
  • people who want to improve their communication skills


  • Develop the ability to start and finish a convincing presentation
  • Increase the ability to maintain the attention of the audience
  • Awareness of the role of non-verbal language in presentation
  • Assimilate methods of a successful presentation
  • Improve the ability to structure a presentation
  • Avoid common mistakes in presentation


  • Principles of a good public speaking
  • Self – introduction
  • Structure and presentation of a good speech
  • How to introduce new speakers in public presentations
  • Important aspects of physical contact in public speaking
  • Positive body language
  • How to avoid the nervousness
  • Important speech rules
  • Public speaking without advance preparation
  • How to excel in interviews

Working methodology

  • The training is based on the MECEPUS licence and methodology and is highly interactive, involving the participants in the ongoing games, activities, case studies.
  • Following the training, each participant will receive a certificate which will certify the Ascent Group courses, the training materials and a CD with pictures and records took during the course
  • The training will be held in Romanian language

Price - 250 Euro/participant

  • The price includes two days of training participation and the training materials
  • The price includes 4 coffee breaks and 2 lunches
  • The price does not include VAT
  • The companies that register more than one participant will receive a discount rate of 5% for the second participant and a discount rate of 10% for the third applicant registered.

For registrations, please contact us via e-mail, pr phone: 0257-251881.

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