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Your Best Tuesday - dialogue with Adela Cristea

2011-03-01 18:30

Business-Edu organizes on Tuesday, 1st of March, another event from the “Your Best Tuesday!” series - the place where we have the opportunity to debate with our friends the problems of the universe that we live in.

This time the topic will be “The Challenge of Enterpreneurship”

Some of the issues that we want to address are:

  • Vision, passion, or just recklessness? What really means to be an entrepreneur?
  • Why choosing to be an entrepreneur? And when is the right time to do it?
  • What are the basic ingredients of a successful entreprenorial model?
  • How to create a company from scratch and bring it to an international level?
  • Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship

The guest of this meeting is a person who will speak from her own experience on how to develop a business from 0 up to an international level – Adela Cristea, Founding Member and Managing Partner of Ascent Group and AIESEC Alumnus.

Adela graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Western University, Timisoara, and studied law at the “Vasile Goldis” Western University, Arad.

Over time, Adela has enriched her preparation, currently holding a large portfolio of courses and specializations, followed abroad, at the University of Ghent, Belgium, the University of Gottingen, Germany, and the National Democratic Institute, Washington, USA. Currently, Adela follows a doctoral program in Economics.

Adela's professional experience includes more than seventeen years in business, particularly in the area of management and human resources, in multinational companies like International Resources and Unilever, by holding the position of consultant in Archimedes Consulting Group and, from 2004, as founder and managing partner of Ascent Group. Ascent Group is a consultancy and training company with offices in Romania (Bucharest and Arad), Bulgaria (Sofia), Republic of Moldova (Chisinau) and Serbia (Belgrade).

Adela is a certified consultant and trainer for methods of training and personnel assessment LIFO and Identity Compass.Outside the “business zone”, Adela is active in the academic environment, as a lecturer in the Department of Economics and Finance of the “Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad. She is also a trainer in the nongovernmental area, with two prestigious U.S. Institutes: the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute, for which she held courses in Romania, Albania, Morocco, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova and Indonesia.

We look forward to meet you on Tuesday, March the 1st, at 18:30, at the 700 Coffee & Lounge, in the City Business Centre Building, Timisoara.

The participation fee is 30 lei, and 20 lei for students.

For booking the contacts are: Anabella Florea -, tel: 0746 258 718 and Manuela Jurca - manuela.jurca @, tel: 0746 258 736

The evenings schedule: We are waiting at 18:30 with a flavored coffee. The first 30 minutes will be devoted to networking. The event starts at 19:00.

If it’s Tuesday, it’s Your Best Tuesday, because you have long ceased to believe in superstition and you take advantage of every opportunity!

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