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Finance for non-financials - open training - Timișoara, 26-27 septembrie 2019

2019-09-04 16:52


The art of making good decisions based on numbers...

How important is, for any manager, the financial information in decision making? What is the budgets’ role and budgeting activity? What are the cash flow or the profit and loss account (P&L)? What is cost representing and how important are all these in a decision making process? How do we interpret the financial analysis indicators?

Even though economic-financial reports furnished by financial departments are considered to be important tools for decision making and company’s management, for a non-financial is hard to efficiently use them under the circumstance that basis principles and used terms are almost unknown. It is also possible for managers to think that financial information is just the ompany’s obligation when it comes to relating with state’s fiscal institutions. But it's not like that. 

Our training module has set the goal of helping you to understand financial information resulting from financial reports, and to use them correctly when making a decision within the company.


This training module is dedicated mainly to managers and executives who require a general understanding of the financial management issues (budgets, cash-flow, investments, etc) or for any other people in executive positions who need to understand financial indicators and topics. 


  • Understanding the basic principles and customary terms used in financial statements
  • Being aware of the financial information when making decision
  • Assessing and using financial information
  • Understanding different types of costs and the way these influence the process of decision
  • Being aware of the budget’s role and budgeting activity
  • Describing main tools and assessment modalities of profit centres efficiency


  • Financial accounting general overview
  • The financial cycle of the business– liquidities cycle, financing, investments, operations, profit
  • Financing sources
  • Operations: profit centres, cost centres
  • Costs - impact in the decision making
  • Return: reinvestment, profit sharing, strategies
  • Using financial reports
  • Understanding the profit and loss account (P&L)
  • Understanding the balance sheet: structure, interpretation
  • Cash-flow – understanding and management
  • Correlations: profit & loss, balance sheet and cash-flow, profit vs. cash-flow
  • The budget - planning and controlling tool; structure of the budget, budgeting methods
  • Assessment of investments projects
  • Assessment of financial results
  • Description of the main tools and methods for assessment of profit centres efficiency
  • Performance indicators (profitability, liquidity investments assessment , financing assessment)


The training will be delivered as a 2-days module, very interactive, based on the „Learning by doing” method. The training will combine theoretical information with case studies and practical applications related to the topics in the agenda.
Therefore, the whole training will insure a permanent interactivity between trainer and participant, respectively the participant’s continuos involvement in the learning process.

During the training  module the participants will have the chance to practice tasks related to the topics in the agenda, starting with the interpretation of the financial information, reading and interpreting budgets, calculating performance indicators and evaluating financial results of he’s own team, or evaluating investment projects.

The program is designed to offer the participants support for their future development. The participants will be stimulated to discuss about the topics and to evaluate the situations resulted from the case studies.

About the trainer

The trainer of this module is Renata Todoran, Senior Partner of Ascent Finance. Renata graduated the Faculty of Economics, the Accounting section, a Master in Financial markets and Stock Exchange and is certified accountant by CECCAR, judiciary expert in financial-accounting field and also graduated various trainings and specialisations in financial and accounting topics, such as  Train of trainers and Master NLP.

Her professional experience includes over 12 years of experience in financial and accounting activities, both in local and multinational companies, as well as in financial consulting for various fields of activity: automotive, manufacturing, IT, agriculture, trade and services. Not last, her communication abilities and the graduation of various courses in the field of Communication, Public Speaking and NLP are recommanding her as a very good trainer. 


  • 26 - 27th of September 2019

How much?

  • 290 EUR/participant

The fee includes the participation to the 2 training days, all the training materials, 2 lunches and 4 coffee-breaks, respectively the delivery of the program by a senior trainer of Ascent Group.
The mentioned fee does not include VAT.


  • Timișoara, Iosefin Residence, Piața Alexandru Mocioni nr. 8. See the map for details.


  • early bird - 10% if you register before the 5th September 2019;
  • the organisations who register more participants can benefit by a 5% discount for the 2nd participant and 10% discount for the 3rd registered participant. 


Fill in this  form in order to register for the training and we will contact you. For additional information you can contact us by the phone: 0040-357-560300, or e-mail, contact person - Renata Todoran.


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