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Florina Băbău is the new human resources manager of Ascent Group

The summer brouth a new Human Resources Manager in Ascent Group's team. Starting in mid-June, Florina Băbău joined the Ascent Group team to coordinate the human resources activity of the group.

Florina is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Western University of Timisoara and holds numerous certifications in the field of management and human resources. Being very passionate about learning and discovering new ways of developing people, Florina is currently continuing her education at the School of Psychology and Psychodrama.

Professionally, Florina has over 15 years of experience in human resources, both in multinational and local companies, in various roles such as: Improvement Coordinator, and subsequently Training & Development Coordinator for Leoni Wiring Systems Arad, HR Manager within ARED group, or HR Recruitment & People Development at Coficab Eastern Europe.

During all these years Florina has accumulated a vast multidisciplinary experience in the field of human resources, in human resources management activities, project management, implementation and process improvements, projects with European funds, organizing motivational events, evaluation and staff development, or trainer in soft skills and team building programs.

Since June 2019, Florina has joined the Ascent Group team as Human Resources Manager, coordinating both the HR activity of the group of companies and the human resources projects carried out for Ascent Group clients.

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