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The last day of school introduced a new decree amending and supplementing Law 19/2020 on parental leave to supervise children in the event of temporary closure of educational establishments (details of the previous provisions are here). This is the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 41, published in the Official Gazette No. 282 of 03.04.2020.

The new amendments concern:

  • Holidays granted to one of the parents for the supervision of children also take place during the school holidays, in case of temporary closure of schools and preschool institutions due to the emergency decreed by law.
  • What is the time of school holidays? In accordance with the order n. 3.191/2019 of the Minister of National Education on the structure of the school year 2019-2020, the school holiday (spring) for all cycles of education is between 4 and 21 April 2020 and lasts 18 days.
  • For schools, this law also means preschool education units.
  • What does preschool education mean? According to Article 27.1 of Law 1 of 2011, pre-school education must be organised in nurseries and, where appropriate, in day nurseries and day centres.

The allowance due for each rest day shall remain unchanged, for an amount equal to 75 % of the basic salary corresponding to one working day, but not more than the daily corresponding of 75 % of the average gross remuneration received for the state’s social security budget base.

These changes are of benefit to parents, who can take holidays during the school holidays during the emergency and also apply to parents whose children attend preschool education.

But the change may also benefit the state budget (in the case of companies that have chosen for this period to send their technically unemployed employees) because in the case of this allowance settlement by the state is made solely for the net allowance, all the charges being borne by the employer.

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