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The Ministry of Economy and Commerce say that the commercial relations with Romania are excellent

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2007-11-09/06:44 The Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Mr. Igor Dodon, affirms that the commercial relations with Romania are excellent. This declaration was made yesterday, by the Romanian consultancy company: Ascent Group, within the Ascent Business forum, organized between 8-9th November 2007.

According to Mr. Dodon, who is also vice-President in the Intergovernmental Moldo-Romanian Commission of economic collaboration, even if there is no agreement of free exchange, until January the 1st 2007, the exterior commerce of R. Moldova has increased, with 7% in the first seven months of this year.

At present, Romania occupies the second place among the partner countries of R. Moldova, and the third position regarding the import. According to the information received on a period of nine months for this year, moldavian merchandise was exported in Romania, having a value of 142.3 million USD, with 35.3% more than last’s year same period, and with an average value for the total exports, of 15.4% (+0.8 percent points compared to the last’s year same period).

At the same time, merchandise with a value of 299.8 million USD was imported, having a value that, compared to last’s year same period, it increased with 24.5%. The total value of the imports in Romania was of 11.8%, with 13.1% more than in the same period of last year.

The commercial balance between the Republic of Moldova and Romania is negative for nine months of this year and represents 157.5 million dollars, with 21.7 million dollars more than in the same period of last year.

The territorial network of Ascent Group gathers, besides the offices in Romania (Bucharest and Arad), Bulgaria, Cyprus and an office in the Republic of Moldova, at Chisinau.

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