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September 2009
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Ascent Group. Business Consulting
Ascent Group. Business Consulting


With the beginning of the autumn, Ascent Group brings you the latest news from the legal and business environment but also events that we invite you to take part of.

We hope you will find these information useful and we wish you a fruitful autumn!

Editorial top  

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As the global economic crisis was not enough for our economic situation, 2009 dealt a hard blow to all Romanian companies that are income tax payers, introducing a flat rate tax starting with 1st of May.

Due to this new legal provisions, each legal person has to pay a mandatory minimum income tax. In more concrete and less formal terms, "you must pay, no matter what". The reason why is very simple in the opinion of the people who proposed and voted this tax application law: read more»


Legal & Fiscal top  

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The Romanian Government published on 23rd of July 2009 the implementing rules of the Emergency Ordinance 92/1009 for postponing the payment of unpaid tax obligations on time, due to the effects of economic and financial crisis, determining the framework within which companies may benefit from delaying the payment of the taxes. The provisions of GEO no. 92/2009 shall apply until 30rd of June 2010. read more»


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Meal tickets can be offered to employees by any kind of company, they are tax deductible and exempt from taxes and social charges.

If so far, including the month of August 2009, in Romania the value of a meal ticket was 8.48 lei/month, starting with September 2009, a ticket will have the value of 8.72 lei. read more»


Corporate News top  

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Ascent Group supports this year, as partner, the START Internship program, developed in Romania by Junior Achievement. read more»


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Due to the fast grow of Ascent Group's Bulgarian office, starting with May 2009 Katya Sotirova-Ivanova joined Ascent Group's team and became managing director of the consulting group in Bulgaria.

Katya graduated the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology within the University of Economy from Varna and the Distance Learning Center from Sofia of the City University from Seattle Washington, with a degree in General Management. read more»


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Our clients - who are they, how to work with them?

The prosperity of a business is given by the number and quality of customers - we offer them our products and services. The image, good reputation, market positioning and longevity of a company depend on the quality of the relationship we have with our customers. read more»


Customer care communication

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About making clients happy...

Everyone agrees clients are very important. Building and keeping best relations with clients is most important for business development. We all intend to give the best to our clients but do we really treat them as they expect? Do we adapt enough according to their needs? How efficiently do we communicate with them? read more»


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The art of emphasizing the benefits...

Verbs like selling or buying are frequently used, as they are essential components of social relations. The status of seller or buyer makes the process of estimating the performance marked in this relations difficult to realize. The change in customer mentality requires a change in sellers approach. read more»


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How to be an efficient assistant manager...

The assistant manager has an important role in the company being a close collaborator of the manager. For this reason, the assistant manager education must be comprehensive to cover various knowledge of communication, protocol, marketing, management, accounting, computer science, law. read more»


Business Environment top  

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With the publication of economic data for the 2nd quarter of 2009 we find that all the countries of Eastern Europe were hit by the crisis, with deeper decreases in the economy than countries in Western, Southern or Northern Europe. read more»


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The UE unemployment rate reached a value-record of 8.9% in June 2009, being the highest level of the last four years, informs Eurostat, European Statistics Institute.

In May, the unemployment rate reached 8.8%, while in the euro zone was registered 9.3%. In June, the value registered the record of 9.4%. The 9.4% represents for this region the highest level in the last ten years. read more»


Analysis & Opinion top  

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When the leitmotif of the current economic context has become "cost reduction / cost optimization”, an important solution for any company that wants to survive on the market is to outsource certain services that are not related to its core activity, such as: IT services, finance & accounting services, legal and human resources: recruitment, personnel leasing, training, payroll services and personnel administration.

Why is outsourcing an important solution to reduce and optimize costs? read more»



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