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Corporate News

Ascent Group is now on Twitter!

Starting this month you can also follow un on Twitter! Ascent Group's Twitter account is @ascent_eu.

Connect with us and you will receive updated information about legal, fiscal and business environment news, but also information related to the events organised by us or our partners.

Ascent Group, partner of the project "Arad, my love!"

Ascent Group became partner of the NGO Mişcarea Arădeană in the project "Arad, my love!"

"Arad, my love!" is an educational project which aims to reach the children from Arad on city’s values and beauty.

Because we think for long term, we joined Mişcarea Arădeana’s wish to determine future generations to think differently and to love Arad with the same passion as those who built the city. Therefore we want to offer children the chance to know Arad from another perspective, to provide them information about its values and spirit. read more»

The performance as assistant manager, open training, Bucharest

2010-05-13 09:00
2010-05-14 17:00

How to be an efficient assistant manager...

The assistant manager has an important role in the company being a close collaborator of the manager. For this reason, the assistant manager education must be comprehensive to cover various knowledge of communication, protocol, marketing, management, accounting, computer science, law.

The particularities that an assistant manager must have are: a metabolism that seems to improve under pressure, an instinct to make order in chaos, the ability to solve tough problems without supervisory, the skill to deal with the most difficult people (including your boss). read more»

Ascent Group is launching the 2010 training programs

We are în the crisis: crisis of trained people, resource people, talented people.

And we are also in the crisis of people able to identify, develop and keep the resource people in the companies.

Ascent Group is your partner in the process of personal and professional development of your employees, because the continuous personnel development is a need felt by any company especially during the curent economical context.

Ascent Group brings a modern vision into the learning process, by emphasizing the benefits of "learning by doing" through exercises, role-plays and behavioral modeling. Our training programs have an interactive approach, are personalized and addressed to each client’s unique demands, to their visions and organizational objectives. read more»

Ascent Group Bucharest has a new coordinator of finance and accounting department

Starting with October 2009, Mirela Dinu became the new coordinator of finance and accounting department of Ascent Group office in Bucharest.

Mirela graduated the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Management and Business Administration specialization. Her professional experience includes 5 years in developing projects as economist and accountant for important companies from the Romanian and foreig financial market. In all these years Mirela has developed activities of management, financial reporting and economic analysis. read more»

Efficient negociation, open training, Arad

2010-01-26 09:00
2010-01-27 17:00

How to convince more than we are convinced...

During our lives, on each moment, each of us has a desire, an interest or a point of view often different from the others. Each of us can convince someone or can be convinced by someone.

The leadership of the negotiation process represents a key-level for the attainment of the company's profit. We can learn many techniques of negotiations. But, between learning and implement them and achieve the expected results there is a road that requires expertise on one hand and assimilation of these techniques and right attitudes, on the other hand.

How can we choose now, in our days, the best attitude for an successful negotiation which create the premises of a future rewarded collaboration? The answer is the key of negotiation.
Target read more»

Public speaking, open training, Bucureşti

2010-01-19 09:00
2010-01-19 17:00

How to captivate our audience ...

Sweaty palms, the perspiration of the forehead, the accelerate heartbeat or the erasure of all the ideas from your mind are some of the inconveniences that might occur in a public presentation. The fear of speaking in public is among the biggest fear of the human being.

The ability to make presentations in public and to efficiently sustain ideas has an important impact on our success in career and the whole society.

With the techniques and methods presented in this course you will better understand better can we make a successful and a persuasive presentation in order to maintain the interest of the audience awake.


The course is addressed to: read more»

"The Corporate Entrepreneurship" program successfully launched in Bulgaria

On October 6th Ascent Group Bulgaria held in the Radisson Hotel Sofia a seminar under the theme "The Crisis Age of Enterprise", which was delivered by Mr. Larry Farrell - globally recognized authority on entrepreneurship.

Mr. Farrell has a wide and diverse theoretical and practical background - Peace Corps Volunteer, University of California Law School, Harvard Business School, Vice President at American Express in New York, President of Kepner-Tregoe in Princeton, NJ, board member of The Economic Development Society in the USA, and The Journal Of Strategic Change in London. He is also a regular columnist for The Conference Board Review, the magazine of The Conference Board in New York City read more»

The crisis age of enterprise

2009-10-06 10:00

Register here!

In the difficult moments and time of crisis, we all think every day, how to make our businesses stronger, how to improve and even hold the enterprises.

We often find advices for crisis management, search for tools and new approaches, which will give us the faith that we can continue without sacrificing our plans.

It is difficult, but we have to move on without stopping and benefit from the time and use all possible opportunities for success.

Ascent Group Bulgaria together with Ciela soft & publishing has the unique opportunity to invite you to meet face to face with the world guru in the field of entrepreneurship Larry Farrell in a half day seminar, under the theme The crisis age of enterprise. read more»

Sales techniques, open training, Arad

2009-08-31 10:45

The art of emphasizing the benefits...

Verbs like selling or buying are frequently used, as they are essential components of social relations. The status of seller or buyer makes the process of estimating the performance marked in this relations difficult to realize. The change in customer mentality requires a change in sellers approach.

But what changes are necessary to be made regarding sale techniques to differentiate us and draw attention to our offer on such a competitive market? How should we sell to convince in this new context?


This program is designed for people who work in sales area and for all those who have direct contact with the client.

Objectives read more»

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