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Corporate News

"No border" a successful start for the Romanian - Bulgarian cross-border cooperation

On 18th of June 2009 took place in Bulgaria, Ruse the „No Borders” event, a Romanian – Bulgarian bilateral business meeting organized by Ascent Group in partnership with UNPR – National Union of Romanian Employers, BRCCI – Romanian–Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the magazines Manager Bulgaria and Consulting Review Romania.

Bulgaria and Romania, two neighboring countries separated by borders several decades that remained now only symbolic, gathered in No Borders event all their business potential and colaboration interest. No Borders event aimed to encourage the cross-border cooperation and investments, to facilitate the neighboring market acces and to stimulate business partnerships for both countries companies. read more»

Katya Sotirova-Ivanova took over the management of Ascent Group Bulgaria

Due to the fast grow of Ascent Group's Bulgarian office, starting with May 2009 Katya Sotirova-Ivanova joined Ascent Group's team and became managing director of the consulting group in Bulgaria.

Katya graduated the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology within the University of Economy from Varna and the Distance Learning Center from Sofia of the City University from Seattle Washington, with a degree in General Management.

Katya’s 10 years of successful professional experience include management positions in various industries, especially marketing and advertising, media and consulting or coordination of complex business projects and events.

After 3 years as Marketing & Product Director and also Deputy of CEO for Programata Media Group Ltd, since 2006 Katya became the managing partner of Innovatoria Ltd., an important marketing and advertising company. read more»

"No Borders" - Romanian-Bulgarian bilateral business meeting

2009-06-18 10:00
2009-06-18 17:00

The global economic context, the globalization of economic relations and not in the end, the economic crisis obliges us to develop activities and take decisions based on the effects of these phenomena: to cut budgets, to dimiss employees or even to close offices and branches, but also to consider strategies that help us grow our company, looking to new markets and new investment opportunities.

Why “No Borders”? read more»

Ascent Group brings to Romania the Mecepus Public Speaking programs

Ascent Group concluded in May another important partnership agreement, with MECEPUS, the Mediterranean Center for Public Speaking and Communication.

MECEPUS is a training centre supplementing formal education by giving the opportunity to improve speaking skills and develop a more attractive personality. It offers a range of seminars in Public Speaking and other behavior improvement areas.

MECEPUS Seminars are held in Cyprus, Syria and the Middle East and Moldova in English, Greek, Arabic and other languages. read more»

Ascent Group has signed a strategic agreement with The Farrell Company

Starting with January 2009 Ascent Group has signed a strategic agreement with the famous American specialist in research and promotion of the entrepreneurship and innovating solutions in business – Larry Farrell. Based on this agreement Ascent Group will represent exclusively The Farrell Company in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Republic of Moldova for training and consultancy services on entrepreneurship.

Larry Farrell is a world wide authority, being deeply involved on spreading the entrepreneurial spirit all over the world. He presented the entrepreneurship principles in front of more than 1.3 millions of professional individuals, organizations and government. read more»

A new training concept

As a company, we consistently care about our customers, which are în their turn other companies. We are concerned with their work - helping them in business development - , with their activities - legal or accounting - , with their people - through the management of human resources, training and evaluation.

In many trainings made at the client I tackle themes as team management, personnel motivation, leadership, conflict, organizational communication. Recently I asked myself if the managers I work with and train have somebody to the other end of the relationship. Who are their employees? Are they ready to benefit from the training of their managers? Perhaps all the actors involved in these situations requires a type of training, preparation to fully benefit of information, new skills and attitudes. read more»

Cost controlling, open training Bucharest

2009-04-28 09:00
2009-04-29 17:00

Efficient system for a profitable running company ...

The word controlling has become a commonly encountered term, having an increasingly important function in company through the important role that it has in helping the top management in taking strategic decisions.

Used with its correct meaning, the controlling is a functional management concept with the role to coordinate the planning, the control and the information to achieve the desired results.

Would you like evaluate the current system of planning and measuring the performance in terms of controlling and costs? Would you like some financial transparency, to avoid surprises and to have indicated on time the dangers that require corrective measures?

This course is specifically designed to answer these questions.

Target  read more»

The New Year brings a new manager for the Ascent Group's office in Bucharest

Starting January 2009 the new manager of Ascent Group's office in Bucharest is Elena Manera. From this position Elena will coordinate the whole activity of one of the most important Ascent Group's offices. Elena took over the management of the office from Luciana Căciuleanu, recently promoted Group Training Manager of Ascent Group.

Elena Manera joined Ascent Group's team in August 2008 as coordinator of the projects department.  read more»

Elena Marina is the managing partner of Ascent Group Bulgaria

Starting with January 2009 Elena Marina became managing partner of Ascent Group in Bulgaria.

Elena has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from the New Bulgarian University.

Her professional experience comes mainly from management consulting, executive search and training. Elena was working with JordanSheppard Eastern Europe delivering client services locally and across CEE and managing high-end recruitment and consultancy projects. She is a certified Human Synergistics® consultant in organizational diagnostics. read more»

Luciana Căciuleanu became Group Training Manager of Ascent Group

Starting December 2008 Luciana Căciuleanu became Group Training Manager of Ascent Group. From this position Luciana will coordinate the whole training activity of Ascent Group in Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova and Serbia.

Luciana joined Ascent Group’s team in 2006, holding during the time various positions within the organization, the most recent one being manager of Ascent Group’s office in Bucharest.

Luciana has an University degree in Economics and Public Administration within Ştefan cel Mare University in Suceava, her professional experience including 7 years of activity in various fields, especially company’s reorganization and restructuring processes, human resources, business consulting and training.

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