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Why training? Why Ascent Group?

Until getting into the deeps of training area from a trainer perspective, I was many years in row a training participant. My luck – and now yours as a user of Ascent Group’s services – is that my first impressions on training were exceptional and the experiences I have been through and which are the basis of my trainer preparation were special, spectacular, and kind of life-changing! I have oriented towards this area because at that time I understood how great is to be a trainer, how you could change people’s lives, their interpersonal relationships but with themselves also, how you could help them become more for themselves and the environment they live their personal and professional life, and being aware of the long and troublesome road I have to travel.

Who is forming trainers in Romania? I mean… who are the trainers in this country, where are they coming from and where are they going? From where should I start in my wish to become as good as my trainers, to multiply their example of good practice? Well, my second luck – and again, yours – is that I have encountered (probably) the best organization for trainers’ formation around our country. I have hardly passed over the selection part (so, not anyone could become a trainer – but I have found out that few organizations for trainers’ formation do this tough selection), I have made some intense preparation modules and have entered within the “kitchen” of people formation, groups, teams, managers, leaders... This newly open horizon in front of me has enthused and truly gave the trust that the models used by me are correctly indeed, that there is a certain logic beyond the formation agenda itself, that there is a red wire in training that makes the difference at the participants from the first minute of the program and the closing and evaluation session... So I have become a trainer and have begun fully-fledged to keep my first trainings.

I would not like to disappoint you with my first co-training experiences. Among my first training colleagues who have never gone out of the borders, who have never been participants but wanted to form people, who have no idea why they pick certain exercises within their trainings. Because this is what they have seen, because it seem funny for them, because they understood by training free time for fun and socialization, without the deepening of a quality teaching in an non-formal environment with grown-ups, with experienced people who must be respected and valued as learning resources for other people.

I have lived my first successes, my first satisfactions with working groups that have improved their communication, their team working style, their interpersonal relationships at work, their approach to human resources management, conflict management, projects, negotiation... and many, many training situations with more pleased people, perhaps much happier, more comfortable, more loaded with hopes that a working week could also be a joy, not only a long hard work… The joys of being a trainer, to do with/from others what others have done with/from me!

And again my luck – this time especially yours – was for me to arrive at Ascent Group, to start holding trainings here, to meet up a training approach same as is my thinking universe as a trainer, to find same length waves, same vision sharing over the people and their formation, same respect for each client and participant which I consider to be mandatory and fundamental in such a relationship: trainer – participant. I have found a particular place, with special people who personalize the relationships with clients, makes them unique, creating a special aura, exclusive and non iterate, and for each of them finds, identifies, what it needs. Even though the matching solution sounds nicely as a slogan, is very true and I have a feeling you already know that!

See you next year at Ascent Group’s trainings!

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