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Outplacement: the right approach

Under “normal” economic conditions and moreover in economic and financial crisis context, outplacement, as a way to support future ex- employees fully proves its usefulness.

Defined as a consultancy service dedicated both to employees and employers, meant to ensure a smooth transition to a new job, respectively a new organizational structure, outplacement very well points out an ethical approach that companies must prove in difficult times.

On the development route of a company, critical moments can sometimes arise, when in order to remain competitive on the market the company must downsize its personnel or part (from different reasons) with some members of its team, including members of the managerial team. In these situations benefiting from external, specialized consultancy services is ideal. I would name only a few reasons: objectiveness, confidentiality and expertise.

According to the declarations of participants to outplacement programs, the most obvious outcome seems to be the discovery (or rediscovery) of abilities and capabilities that many didn’t think they owned or that they simply forgot about. In this period, they are helped to analyze their alternatives and choose the most appropriate option: a similar job or on the contrary, in a totally different area, entrepreneurship, freelancing and so on. The most relevant benefits for employees are: support (mostly from a psychological point of view) in difficult times, professional career counseling, increasing their chances to find a new job quickly.

From the employer’s point of view, the benefits are: transmitting the right message about their care about the human capital, mostly to the remaining employees but also to society, avoiding a negative image being formed about the company as an employer and avoiding labor conflicts, a shorter period of “convalescence” after the implemented measures, favorable conditions to return to previous performance indicators.

In western european countries, outplacement services are broadly used while on the local market there are still niche services that big companies with well structured human resources policies might use. Although the Romanian Labor Code states the compulsoriness for organizations to support the re-qualification and professional reconversion for laid off employees (Article 69), in practice is not always the case. It’s a question of mentality and maybe lack of information.

The success of the program depends on your supplier. The most important criterion is how complex is the outplacement program and in what degree it succeeds to cover the necessities of both parties assisted: employee and organization. For example, the quality of counseling for the employee and the holistic approach for the organization: processes and stages well put in a time frame, correlated with the legal / fiscal / human resources aspects involved. Other evaluation criteria are: the creativity of the solutions provided as career orientation, the expertise of the consultants involved in the project, the scope and complexity of past projects delivered.

The competitive advantage of Jordan Sheppard is the synergy of all sides involved in personnel downsizing: career counseling, juridical and fiscal consultancy and training in partnership with Ascent Group Romania. Jordan Sheppard wants to approach outplacement in a comprehensive and flexible manner because this is the essence of this service: flexible, custom made for every company, context and budget.

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