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Position versus salary

What is more important? The position you have in a company or the salary?
The fact that on our business card is written manager or director, or the hundreds of euros with which we can get the car or the house of your dreams?

Normally a good salary comes with an important position. But this assumption is not generally valid. It may happened to have a satisfactory salary and a less pleasant position. So, how many of us put into balance the importance of the money and of the position? And, if so, what is the result?

Many employers have a wrong perception when it comes to reasons why people change their work. Employees do not always leave for a higher salary. People put emphasis on job content of work, professional development and, not least the team and atmosphere. These issues are very important and in addition, when assessing a job offer, people also take into account the career opportunities, image or company name but, also, the salary. We all know that the most attractive are those jobs with high salary offers, company cars, laptops and more bonuses.High salaries plus the benefits that come in addition are very important factors in attracting valuable human resources.

For those that starting now their career the salary may be less important, they are happy if they can find a job in the desired field. The lack of experience and the desire to learn exceed their desire for a higher remuneration. This does not mean that young people who just started their career does not have quite large financial claims. A job in a multinational company, preferably in banking, marketing or human resources, a high salary, opportunities for career advancement - these are the expectations of young people when it comes to future employment.

Even if in the beginning we are eager for knowledge and learning, the more we advance in our careers and have sufficient experience, we want, as it is normally a satisfactory income. In general, after a certain age, we are looking for stability. We come to define the professional way, we have chosen a job but we want also safety. Also, other factors appear in our lives that may influence decisions such as family. Now, the salary is a pretty strong motivation and an important factor in further career.

Perhaps, în the Romania of our crisis days, many of us prefer a safe and satisfactory income instead of a „big” position. But ultimately, this crisis will pass and we will have a financial security, which can lead to safety and other values that we could exploit, values such as professional development at a high level, professional performance and conservation skills that the majority have.

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