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About the program

The "Corporate Entrepreneurship" program is a program delivereed by Ascent Group under the licence of "The Farrell Company", the World's Leading Organization For Researching And Teaching High-Growth Entrepreneurial Practices.

The company was founded in 1983 by Larry Farrell and curently operates directly in the US and Canada and through affiliates in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. Nearly one million participants have attended its programs in the past quarter century.

The firm's training and consulting services are based on Larry Farrell’s original research into the high-growth business practices of the world's great entrepreneurs. Its widely used Spirit Of Enterprise Seminars and Entrepreneurial Age Keynotes have been delivered to corporate and government clients in 40 countries, across seven languages. The company's Getting Entrepreneurial! Seminar, based on the book which shares its namesake, has been well-received in Europe, Asia and the US.

Larry Farrell and his company's programs have received acclaim from Business Week, The Conference Board, Peter Drucker, Tom Peters and thousands of demanding clients worldwide. Clients range from Global 1,000 companies to governmental agencies responsible for job creation and economic development.

To whom it is addressed?

The program has 3 components, addressing:

  • Corporate clients
  • Individuals
  • Governments

Training objectives

The seminar has two overriding goals:

  • the participants learn and start using entrepreneurial basics in their jobs. The rationale is that building and growing a business is very different from “managing” a business.
  • The seminar offers participants a unique grounding in the bedrock fundamentals of high growth enterprise.

Entrepreneurial behavior is distilled into a series of business practices that any employee in any company can use. To insure the objective of instilling these practices back on the job, over half the session is devoted to the 14 Application exercises. The Applications ultimately represent participant commitments to raise their individual spirit of enterprise and the company’s overall competitiveness. At the close, all the team Applications are collected and delivered to senior management for implementation follow-up. In addition each participant is asked to personally commit to implementing the five highest impact “entrepreneurial” actions within his/her own area of responsibility the first week back on the job.

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