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Sales Techniques

The art of emphasizing the benefits...

Verbs like selling or buying are frequently used, as they are essential components of social relations. The status of seller or buyer makes the process of estimating the performance marked in this relations difficult to realize. The change in customer mentality requires a change in sellers approach.

But what changes are necessary to be made regarding sale techniques to differentiate us and draw attention to our offer on such a competitive market? How should we sell to convince in this new context?


This program is designed for people who work in sales area and for all those who have direct contact with clients.


  • Evaluate qualities and selling potential
  • Understand customer psychology
  • Understand and learn psychological mechanisms of influence
  • Assimilate and exercise selling techniques
  • Assimilate sales management basics
  • Discover own selling style

Main topics:

  1. Customer psychology
  2. Client typology
  3. Preparing a sale
  4. Structure of the sale meeting
  5. Sales - client point of view
  6. Using questions
  7. Dealing with opposition
  8. Final steps
  9. Initial sale – continuous sale
  10. Consultative sale
  11. Selling styles
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