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indemnizatie parinti

Returning to school. What can workers and employers do if schools are closed and classes are suspended?

There are only a few days left until the start of a new school year. The uncertainty and fear that schools will remain closed and children will remain at home obscures the joy of parents, which is specific to this moment.

Employers are not even more reassuring. From 14th of September they must also worry for the employees with children. These employees might need to stay at home to watch over their children if the schools are closed.

The government, however, seems ready to grant benefits to parents in this situation. It remains to be seen what employers will do without these employees indefinitely.

According to Emergency Ordinance 147/2020 published in the Official Journal on Fridays, in the event of limitation or suspension of teaching in schools, kindergartens and nurseries, due to the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, employees with children may apply for paid days off under certain conditions. read more»

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