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In the Official Gazette n. 311/14.04.2020 was published the Decree no. 240/14.04.2020 on the extension of the emergency situation on Romanian territory for a period of 30 days from 15.04.2020.

In some areas of activity, the new decree provides for changes to the special measures adopted by Decree no. 16.03.2020 on the establishment of a state of emergency on Romanian territory, thus facilitating the relationship with some public institutions.

This measure concerns the activity of the National Trade Register which, from the date of the emergency declaration has registered the reuests related to legal entities and natural persons only upon request for registration of the information in electronic form, attached or logically associated with the electronic signature. read more»

Trade Register - registrations only online for 30 days

On the 16 March 2020, the President of Romania signed the decree to establish the State of Emergency in Romanian for a period of 30 days.

Among the measures introduces by the new regulations, the Article 45 is stating the following:

Al.1. During the state of emergency, the work of the National Office of the Trade Register and of the regional offices of the Trade Regiater continues with regard to the registration of changes related to the legal entities and rnatural persons registered in the Trade Register. These registrations will be carried out by electronic means, based on the changes requests and additional documents deposited in electronic form, with the electronic signature incorporated. read more»

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