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The electronic Register of the daily workers has become mandatory

From the 25th of July 2020, with the entry into force of the ordinance of the Minister of Labour and Social Protection No 1.140/2020, the electronic register becomes mandatory for daily workers. Therefore, companies and PFA's working with daily workers must keep their records in the electronic register of their daily workers.

The purpose of the electronic register of the daily workers is to create a register of the work for the daily workers and replaces a similar register, which was to be compiled manually and which is no longer accepted in the relationship with the authorities. A very important aspect is that those who use the work of daily workers are obliged to fill in the daily electronic register as a rule, regardless of the actual working time of day workers. For example, for a 10-day working period, the beneficiary compiles this record on each of those days.

How does it work?

  • The beneficiaries can obtain the username and password for the connection to the web application of the electronic register of the daily register from the Labour Inspectorate in whose territorial area they are located;
  • The documents required to obtain or renew the password are specified in the order of the Minister of Labour and Social Protection n. 140/2020;
  • The user and the password, previously obtained by employers to access the private space of the employer in the Job Inspection Portal, can also be used to connect to the electronic register of web results, if they are the beneficiary and use daily workers in accordance with the law.

The electronic log of daily records can be compiled and transmitted directly from the beneficiary field/ authorized person or persons designated by the user or by the beneficiary, using the mobile device software application, called "inspection of work".

  • The "Job Inspection" application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App Store;
  • The electronic log of daily records can also be compiled and transmitted by users via the web-based application in the Job Inspection Portal;
  • The electronic register of daily records should be transmitted online by users, in accordance with the instructions contained in the user manuals of the application and the provisions of the Ordinance of the Minister of Labour and Social Security no. 140/2020;
  • The transmitted logs are located in the central database of the computer system organized at work inspection level.

Specifically, we are talking about a mobile application for accessing the electronic log, which is called "Job Inspection" and is available for Android or iOS phones and tablets, and a desktop version, which can be accessed on the Job Inspection website. In order to complete and transmit the electronic log of daily records, users must electronically complete and request permission, known as "access authorisation" and obtain access authorisation from the beneficiary. The access authorisation for users who have submitted the electronic request shall be carried out by the beneficiary in the labour inspection portal by connecting to the web application of the electronic register of daily workers.

Job inspection provides a technical support center to beneficiaries/users, available from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00. For technical support or suggestions regarding the electronic log of day records, you can send an e-mail to The manual with the use of the mobile application "Job Inspection", the manual with the use of the web application from the job inspection portal, answers to frequently asked questions about the electronic register of day workers can be found directly on the Job Inspection website:

Beware! The beneficiary may be penalised in breach of the obligation to establish and compile the register of daily businesses with a fine of 6,000 lei. The same penalty may be imposed even if the register is not drawn up on a daily basis or if it is not transmitted to the ITM.

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