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The Romanian companies can now be dissolved without a liquidator

The law 31/1990 was amended again in April bringing one of the most important changes in the Romanian fiscal environment. In case of voluntary dissolution and liquidation of companies, the process can be done now without a liquidator.

Thus the article 227, paragraph (1), points b) and d) of Law 31/1990, updated on 17.04.2009, describes the procedure of voluntary liquidation and dissolution without assigning a liquidator.

This procedure spares the trader of the need to assign an authorized liquidator to draw up the report of liquidation. Also, this procedure eliminates the stage of publication in the Official Gazette of the liquidation balance and report.

The simplified procedure assumes through 3 stages, which are present below:

Stage I read more»

Public speaking, open training, Bucharest

2009-05-13 09:00
2009-05-13 17:00

How to captivate our audience ...

Sweaty palms, the perspiration of the forehead, the accelerate heartbeat or the erasure of all the ideas from your mind are some of the inconveniences that might occur in a public presentation. The fear of speaking in public is among the bigest fear of the human being.

The ability to make presentations in public and to efficiently sustain ideas has an important impact on our success in career and the whole society.

With the techniques and methods presented in this course you will better understand better can we make a successfull and a persuasive presentation in order to mantain the interest of the audience awake.


The course is adressed to: read more»

Adela Cristea and Larry Farrell live at The Money Channel

Adela Cristea, managing partner of Ascent Group and Larry Farrell, managing partner and founder of The Farrell Company have been invited on the 16th of April at the TV show Antreprenor, broadcasted live at The Money Channel. read more»

Accreditation training Identity Compass


Ascent Group organizes in May a new accreditation module on the Identity Compass method.

Identity Compass is a unique personality profiling tool.

Identity Compass gives deeper insight into employee values, motivations and preferred behaviours thus providing consultants and organisations with a more effective basis on which to recruit, professionally and personally develop, and manage their people.

For more information we invite you to visit the Identity Compass website:

The accreditation training will be held by Adela Cristea during 28th - 30rd of May (inclusive) and will take place in Arad. read more»

Bulgaria – a Favorable Place to Invest

Costs of doing business in Bulgaria are about 46 percent lower than the average in the EU, said Petar Dimitrov, Minister of Economy and Energy, quoted by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA). On March 5, he called on participants in the Bulgarian Business and Investment Forum to invest in the country, as the cheapest place to invest in the European Union.

Factors that make Bulgaria attractive for investments in times of a global economic crisis are the low labor costs and taxes. The social security burden in the country ranks fourth in the EU. read more»

Ascent Group has signed a strategic agreement with The Farrell Company

Starting with January 2009 Ascent Group has signed a strategic agreement with the famous American specialist in research and promotion of the entrepreneurship and innovating solutions in business – Larry Farrell. Based on this agreement Ascent Group will represent exclusively The Farrell Company in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Republic of Moldova for training and consultancy services on entrepreneurship.

Larry Farrell is a world wide authority, being deeply involved on spreading the entrepreneurial spirit all over the world. He presented the entrepreneurship principles in front of more than 1.3 millions of professional individuals, organizations and government. read more»

Outplacement: the right approach

Under “normal” economic conditions and moreover in economic and financial crisis context, outplacement, as a way to support future ex- employees fully proves its usefulness.

Defined as a consultancy service dedicated both to employees and employers, meant to ensure a smooth transition to a new job, respectively a new organizational structure, outplacement very well points out an ethical approach that companies must prove in difficult times.

On the development route of a company, critical moments can sometimes arise, when in order to remain competitive on the market the company must downsize its personnel or part (from different reasons) with some members of its team, including members of the managerial team. In these situations benefiting from external, specialized consultancy services is ideal. I would name only a few reasons: objectiveness, confidentiality and expertise. read more»

A new training concept

As a company, we consistently care about our customers, which are în their turn other companies. We are concerned with their work - helping them in business development - , with their activities - legal or accounting - , with their people - through the management of human resources, training and evaluation.

In many trainings made at the client I tackle themes as team management, personnel motivation, leadership, conflict, organizational communication. Recently I asked myself if the managers I work with and train have somebody to the other end of the relationship. Who are their employees? Are they ready to benefit from the training of their managers? Perhaps all the actors involved in these situations requires a type of training, preparation to fully benefit of information, new skills and attitudes. read more»

English for business. Test it and certify it!

Today the English language has become an indispensable way of communication in business. And more, the most of us, those that activate in various areas related to business environment, claim that we speak English.

But how many times we asked ourselves if the English we are talking day by day is appropriate to the business environment, or rather is an academic English more appropriate to the academic environment in which we grow?

How many of us had the feeling, coming out of school that the English taught in school is somehow different from the one we need to effectively manage our business or simply, different from English that we need daily.

In this respect, there is now the possibility to assess our ability to communicate in English, or to test the English knowledge of our employees, using a method very known at the international level - the TOEIC test. read more»

Jordan Sheppard Launches new services in Romania

Starting February this year, Jordan Sheppard launched new services in Romania. The new services are ”Outplacement” and an innovative service named ”Business Intelligence” from HR perspective.

The outplacement services aim at companies which are on their way to downsize part of their personnel and to part with specific members of their managerial team, as adaptation through low costs and efficiency at crisis time. The beneficiaries of this service are especially the downsized employees, who receive in this way professional consultancy for identifying new hiring opportunities and for positively overpassing this difficult period, in terms of social and psichological consequences. read more»

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