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Identity Compass in Romania

The first seminar for Identity Compass licensing in Romania took place in Bucharest during 2nd and 4th of March, 2007, at Novotel Hotel. On this occasion, Ascent Group has become the representative of Identity Compass in Romania. At the same time Ascent Group through its consultants has achieved the ability to licence this evaluation tool all over Romania and Republic of Moldova. Mr. Arne Maus, the founder of Identity Compass International GmbH, also attended at this seminar from Bucharest.

The Identity Compass® is an innovative personnel selection tool which uses an inventory of "thinking structures and preferences" to register how people think and make decisions in typical work situations. It points out what motivates employees, what their values and career goals are and give clear guidance as to which employees are likely to perform best in which situations and how improvement can best be achieved. read more»

Business Forum at Chisinau, June 6-7, 2006

During June 6-7, 2006, Ascent Goup organized the first Ascent Business Forum in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldavia. 24 companies from 6 countries took part in the event (Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and the USA) which showed interest for establishing business relations with the Republic of Moldova.

The debates were centered on the business environment problem in the Republic of Moldova and on the opportunities this environment offers. The participants appreciated that Moldova is a country with a rising potential regarding the investments and many of them showed their intention of starting businesses in this country. read more»

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