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Romanian recruitment companies in the long run

Local training companies have decided that local market is not enough and have started to conquer Europe. Among the targeted countries there is: France, Austria and Netherlands.

Until recent the companies that gathered up courage and passed the borders have limited only to regional expanding on poorly developed markets. Adela Cristea, managing partner of Ascent Group says that the easiest was to develop our activity in Bulgaria and Moldova. Bulgaria has become a member of UE together with Romania so has many common views with us on an economical plan. In Moldova was the linguistic and cultural benefit. Concerning the strategy adopted for these countries, firstly we have addressed to brand new companies and that needed a local support. During the second phase we have passed to training programs, hereby the main problem was the linguistic differences. She says training is by excellence a job of communication. This is the reason why is difficult to develop and have a continuous belief that your training programs are accurately sustained in the local languages. read more»

Confindustria, coneference on Romania and Moldova

The seminar scheduled for today from 16.30 at the headquarters of Confindustria, in Viale Vittorio Veneto 109, will be dedicated to Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The seminar was by the "Consulting" section of the meetings that promote the process of internationalization of the production system.


Today, Wednesday 30, at 16.30 hours, at the V. Veneto str. 109, will take place the seminar on investment opportunities in Romania and Republic of Moldova with particular references to areas: constructions, woodworking, computers and telecommunications, light engineering industry, tourism, transport and services. Speakers: Fabio Scaccia president of Confindustria Catania; Pippo Russian President consulting section; Marcello Motta, Export consortium; Joseph Ursino, president Assoconsult; Ciro Strazzeri, delegate Assoconsult for internationalization; Adela Cristea and Lia Bejenaru (Ascent Group).

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce say that the commercial relations with Romania are excellent

2007-11-09/06:44 The Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Mr. Igor Dodon, affirms that the commercial relations with Romania are excellent. This declaration was made yesterday, by the Romanian consultancy company: Ascent Group, within the Ascent Business forum, organized between 8-9th November 2007.

According to Mr. Dodon, who is also vice-President in the Intergovernmental Moldo-Romanian Commission of economic collaboration, even if there is no agreement of free exchange, until January the 1st 2007, the exterior commerce of R. Moldova has increased, with 7% in the first seven months of this year. read more»

The second Ascent Business Forum takes place in Chisinau

Following the success of the first Business Ascent Forum, the Consultancy Company “Ascent Group”, organizes the second edition, during 8-9th November.

The Forum’s main objective is organizing the investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova and of the politics in the economic and investment domain.

Besides the national companies that will take part in this event, investors from Romania, Cyprus, Italy, Greece and other countries from the European Union will also be present.

The organizers affirm that they intend to transform this event into a tradition. Last year, over 25 companies from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and USA took part in this Forum, companies that take part in developing foreign investments and intensifying business relations in the Republic of Moldova. read more»

An investment forum takes place in Chisinau

There’s an investment forum taking place at Chisinau, between the 8th and 9th of November, organized by the “Ascent” consultancy company.

As the NOVOSTI-MOLDOVA agency communicates, managers of the 24 countries of the EU have been invited to the event, managers that have been successfully and longly unfolding their activities on the Romanian market.

According to the Minister of Economy and Trade, Mr. Igor Dodon, “the investment potential in the Republic increases year by year”. Thus, if in 2000 the foreign companies investments reached up to 142 million dollars, in the first six months of 2007, this value already exceeded 200 million dollars. There are 5000 companies from 80 countries, unfolding their activity at present, in the Republic. Since 1994, foreign investments in the republic’s economy gathered a total value of 1.4 billion dollars. read more»

Chisinau will be the host of the Second Ascent Business Forum edition

The Forum will be organized during 8-9th of November 2007, by the consultancy company Ascent Group, in the Conference Hall of the Jolly Alon Hotel.

The meeting’s purpose is presenting the investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova and also the policies in the economic and investment domain.

Besides Moldavian representatives of the companies, at this event will also take part investors from Romania, Cyprus, Italy, and Greece as well as from other UE countries.

Over 25 companies from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and the USA took part at last year’s Business Forum edition, companies that showed interest in intensifying the relations with the business environment in the Republic of Moldova.

The Republic of Moldova becomes more and more attractive to the foreign investors

Representatives of over 25 foreign companies from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and the USA, interested in making investments in the Republic of Moldova, gathered during a business-forum, unfolding during 6-7 June, in Chisinau.

Mr Iurie Rosca, the Vice-President of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Igor Dodon the Vice-Minister of economy and trade, Mr. Ion Chicu, the Vice-Minister of Finances, Presidents of many important trade Banks in Moldova, and over 40 representatives of the Romanian companies, took part in this Forum.

The Forum’s purpose was to gather an important number of foreign companies in Chisinau, interested in investing in the country’s economy and in concluding partnerships with the local companies. As it was mentioned at the Forum’s opening, “thanks to the political and economic evolutions, Moldova becomes a much more interesting target for the foreign investors”. read more»

Latest political and economic advancements make Moldova more attractive to foreign investors

Chisinau, 6 June MOLDPRES - "The latest political and economic advancements make Moldova a more attractive target to foreign investors," the manager of the Romanian Ascent Group consultancy company, Adela Cristea, made a statement to this effect during the opening of a business forum the company organised in Chisinau on 6-7 June.

Cristea said the forum, which brings together business representatives from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and the USA, aims at bringing in Moldova an important number of foreign companies interested to invest in the country's economy, and to conclude partnerships with local firms.

Participating in the forum, Deputy Speaker Iurie Rosca said "Moldova is open to cooperation with foreign business people, and it is eager to become a really functional economy. And the economic growth is one of the tasks of any institution specialised in economic collaboration." read more»

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