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The story of Algeco: how to grow a company in the middle of the crisis?

Romania was fully hit by the global crisis, and construction field was by far one of the most affected areas. However, there is a company that not only survived the crisis but had significant increases in 2009. It's Algeco.

What was Algeco's success in Romania? The increase of turnover with 35% in 2009 compared to 2008 and a doubling of operational profit.

We wonder how it was possible, especially in a year that most companies in this area have dropped dramatically?

And here it is the story of Algeco ...

Algeco Romania is part of Algeco Scotsman, a leading global provider of services, expert in modular space and storage solutions. In other words, Algeco invests in solutions for space, which provides beneficiaries solving an immediate need at the best quality. read more»

The companies from our region interested in becoming more entrepreneurial

In January 2009 Ascent Group has signed a strategic partnership with the very known American expert in researching and promoting the principles of entrepreneurship and innovative business solutions - Larry Farrell. Due to this partnership, Ascent Group is going to represent Mr. Farell in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Moldova for training and consultancy services on entrepreneurship topics.

The conclusion of this partnership was followed by some visits of Larry Farrell in the region, who launched the program personally in Romania between 10-18 April 2009 and în Bulgaria on October 6. read more»

English for business. Test it and certify it!

Today the English language has become an indispensable way of communication in business. And more, the most of us, those that activate in various areas related to business environment, claim that we speak English.

But how many times we asked ourselves if the English we are talking day by day is appropriate to the business environment, or rather is an academic English more appropriate to the academic environment in which we grow?

How many of us had the feeling, coming out of school that the English taught in school is somehow different from the one we need to effectively manage our business or simply, different from English that we need daily.

In this respect, there is now the possibility to assess our ability to communicate in English, or to test the English knowledge of our employees, using a method very known at the international level - the TOEIC test. read more»

Jordan Sheppard Launches new services in Romania

Starting February this year, Jordan Sheppard launched new services in Romania. The new services are ”Outplacement” and an innovative service named ”Business Intelligence” from HR perspective.

The outplacement services aim at companies which are on their way to downsize part of their personnel and to part with specific members of their managerial team, as adaptation through low costs and efficiency at crisis time. The beneficiaries of this service are especially the downsized employees, who receive in this way professional consultancy for identifying new hiring opportunities and for positively overpassing this difficult period, in terms of social and psichological consequences. read more»

Identity Compass® 2009

We are glad to announce that 2009 brings excellent news concerning the evolution of Identity Compass® on national and international level. March has a flying start with the licensing training organized in Arad and sustained by Adela Cristea during the 12th – 14th March, and also the first Worldwide Trainer & Consultant meeting.

This Worldwide Trainer & Consultant meeting will take place to Barcelona (Spain) during 21st - 22nd March, bringing together Identity Compass® trainers & consultants from Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Poland, South Africa, Venezuela, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, USA, Romania, who will have the opportunity to discuss with Arne Maus and Dr. Scheffer about latest insights. read more»

Jordan Sheppard România launches the Program "Consultancy at Crisis Time'

Jordan Sheppard Romania, the local branch of the British headhunting company JordanSheppard, launches the program "Consultancy at Crisis Time", targeting both companies who wish to better adapt their HR strategy to the current economic context, as well as professionals who wish to have a realistic insight into the labor market and to be assisted in their careers.

The program will be in place for two months. Further details about it can be obtained contacting the office of Jordan Sheppard Romania, tel: +40 21 569 3672 or by email, contact person: Elena Ionescu.

Organisational trustworthiness – a matter of survival

Big corporates are often seen as distant and less caring than small family-businesses and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). An employee may never even meet the Managing Director of the company let alone to be directly motivated by him. The challenge for a bigger organisation then seems to be in communicating the company vision - “raison d’être”, and values from the top-management to all levels of employees, create trust, inspire and motivate all employees to work for the common goal.

A recent study exploring employee perceptions of organisational trustworthiness across Europe¹ indicates that organisations, big or small, are not doing this job very well…Employee trust in organisations seems to be alarmingly low when only 42% of employees believe that their organisation can be trusted, as the study shows. The study was conducted by training and coaching company Krauthammer on behalf of a specialist team representing seven European universities². read more»

Consulting Review has launched the new website

The magazine Consulting Review recently launched the new version of the website. Starting with November 2008 you can read most of the articles published in the magazine also on the website, at:

Consulting Review was launched at the end of 2007 and in one year has managed to become a referral on the business publication’s market in Romania through the quality of the articles, analysis and opinions published by a wide number of specialists in the consulting fields that are covered by the magazine.

Starting with January 2009 the magazine will be distributed exclusively based on subscription. Details about the way you can subscribe can be found at Ascent Group invites you to subscribe to Consulting Review in order to benefit in 2009 as well by the advices of the magazine’s consultants. read more»

Jordan Sheppard is looking for talents all over the world

Jordan Sheppard has recently taken part in the renowned International Language Recruitment Fair, in London. The event is known as the biggest and also the most exciting event of its kind and brought together numerous top companies and over 10 000 multilingual professionals. Jordan Sheppard was present at this event trying to identify talented headhunters for its growing international team. Jordan Sheppard is an elite company in the field of human resources services, mainly executive search, who also operates in Romania, through the office opened in Bucharest in November 2007.

Intercollege launches its programs in Romania

Dacă sunteţi preocupaţi serios de cariera dumneavoastră atunci este momentul să faceţi cunoştinţă cu IntercollegIBS. Acum şi în România!

IntercollegeIBS oferă programe academice şi de pregătire profesională, pentru sectorul financiar - bancar şi cel al afacerilor. Absolvirea acestor programe certificate conferă posibilitatea îmbunătăţirii cunoştinţelor, cu strictă aplicabilitate practică. Certificările internaţionale obţinute în urma absolvirii programelor oferite de IntercollegeIBS sunt de cel mai înalt nivel şi se adresează celor care doresc să devină profesionişti de succes.

If you are serious about your career it’s time to meet IntercollegeIBS! Now also in Romania!

IntercollegeIBS offers both academic programs and professional training for the business and financial services sectors. The graduation of these programs provides the opportunity to enhance knowledge and expertise at the postgraduate level. There are first class qualifications for people intending to become successful professionals. read more»

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