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Ascent Group exceeds the threshold of 3 million euros in 2017!

2017 was a year of business growth and consolidation for Ascent Group, which was confirmed by the reported financial results. With a turnover increase of 14.9%, the group exceeds its own growth forecast, estimated at the beginning of the year at 10%, and for the first time in its history it has reached an annual turnover of EUR 3 million.

Not only the turnover shows a positive development, but all the main indicators of the group registered increases in 2017, respectively all types of services provided by the companies within the group had positive dynamics.

The year 2017 represented also a key year in the recognition of Ascent Group as a global training programs provider. This year, the training and coaching division of the group has won several important international projects, thus engaging in the formation of management teams in different countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Last but not least, 2017 was also marked by the negotiation of new strategic partnerships that will be publicly announced in the first part of 2018 and will extend the range of services of the group and its international exposure.

Ascent Group currently has 4 offices in Romania (Arad, Bucharest, Brasov and Sibiu) and 3 outside Romania (Republic of Moldova, Serbia and Bulgaria). The companies that compose the group in Romania (to which the above financial data refer) are: Ascent Human Capital, Ascent Finance, Ascent Sibiu and Ascent Brasov.

For 2018 Ascent Group has ambitious plans, aiming to become a reference player in the European training services market, and one of the main providers of business support services in the Balkans. Finally, yet importantly, the group aims to be one of the pioneers in the region in investing in artificial intelligence in business support services.

However, the main focus of Ascent Group will be on the quality of the provided services, with an approach based on the understanding of the clients' needs and a high degree of personalization of the services, which has been one of the group's benchmark values ​​since the beginning of 2005 and ensured its growth and recognition in the consulting and training market.


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