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Last informations from CNAS, regarding sick leave and quarantine allowance

The press office of the National Health Insurance House published today, on the official website of the institution, a series of recommendations regarding the granting of medical leave and the quarantine payment.

According to the published text, in order to prevent illnesses and to recover the capacity to work, the insured persons can benefit from leave and allowance for quarantine, according to the regulations contained in the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 158/2005 regarding the holidays and indemnities of social health insurance, with the subsequent modifications and completions, as well as in the Norms of application of its provisions, approved by the Order of the Minister of Health and of the president of CNAS no. 15 / 1.311 / 2018, as subsequently amended and supplemented.

Thus, quarantine leave and allowance are granted to insured persons who are prohibited from continuing their activity due to a suspicion of a contagious disease, for the duration established by the certificate issued by the public health directorate.

  • The medical leave certificate for quarantine is issued by the attending physician on the basis of the certificate issued by the specialized bodies of the public health departments.
  • In the case of quarantine, medical leave certificates may be issued at a later date, but only for the current month or the previous month.
  • The duration of medical leave for quarantine is not cumulated with the duration of medical leave granted to an insured for other conditions.
  • Also, if the duration of the quarantine period established by the public health departments exceeds 90 days, the opinion of the expert social insurance doctor is not required.
  • The gross monthly amount of the quarantine allowance represents 75% of the calculation base established according to the law and is fully supported from the budget of the single national health insurance fund.

In the case of the medical leave certificates granted for quarantine, the restriction provided in art. 20 paragraph (1) of Annex 1 to the Order of the Minister of Health and of the president of CNAS no. 15 / 1.311 / 2018, according to which "family doctors have the right to issue medical leave certificates for temporary incapacity for work with a maximum duration of 10 calendar days, for one episode of illness, in one or several stages ”, will not be aplied, because quarantine signifies a person's suspicion of being infected with a communicable disease and not a medically confirmed diagnosis (illness episode).

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