Our team's experience and know-how are also demonstrated by the many certifications we have obtained over the years.

At Ascent Group, we consider it important to always have a mindset of learning from the best, and at the same time guarantee a high quality service to our customers.

Over the years, we have always been active in acquiring know-how in all areas of activity in which we operate. Therefore, we looked for the best training programs at international level and obtained both regional and global certifications.

Last but not least, by working in a few fields with very strict regulations, we have ensured that in all these areas of activity we obtain all the necessary certifications to provide our customers with the safety and quality of the services they receive.

AOFM accreditation

At Ascent Group, we are accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection as a provider of information, advice and mediation services in the labor market, and can offer companies assistance in the field of labor relations, selection or recruitment of staff, and mediation services in the case of labor disputes.

CNFPA authorization

Our group of companies have a certificate from the National Council for the Training of Adults to provide training for adults about topics in the recognized group of "Entrepreneurial Skills". Authorization of vocational training services for adults.

Temporary work agent authorization

Ascent Sibiu, one of the companis that make up the Ascent Group, holds a temporary agency license issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, in this respect being able to provide temporary leasing and employment services.

Training license the Farrell Company

Ascent Group holds the exclusive license to represent the Farrell Company for Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, for the performance of training programs on Entrepreneurship and Corporate Entrepreneurship developed by the Farrell Company, who is the no. 1 in the world in this field.

Identity Compass license

Ascent Group holds an exclusive license for the Romanian market to represent identity Compass GmbH, both for the use of the Identity Compass profiling method, and for the training and certification of experts in this method.

LIFO license

The Ascent Group consultants hold LifeOrientations method (LIFO) training licenses. LIFO is a method of profiling and psychological aptitude evaluation used in recruitment, evaluation projects and training projects.

Mecepus license

The consultants Ascent Group hold the licenses of trainers on the method developed by Mecepus (Mediterranean Center for public speaking) in the public speaking domain.

Certification as trainer

The Ascent Group consultants hold training requirements issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection together with the Ministry of Education and Research, providing training services to numerous companies.

Trademark Certificate

Ascent Group holds a certificate of trademark registration issued by the State Office of Inventions and Brands (OSIM), thus being a protected trademark.