Legal consulting

Competent and accurate legal advice, up to date with the applicable laws applicable to the area for which the customer needs assistance.

The Ascent Group team thoroughly understands the legal challenges customers can face and helps them adapt to the changing business environment.

Therefore, we offer consultancy services tailored to the needs of each client, whether they are at the start of a business or in the middle of restructuring, divisions, mergers or divisions/liquidation processes.

Our aim is always to provide competent and correct legal advice, with consistent information, being up to date with all the legislative changes applicable to the area for which the customer needs assistance.

We assist our customers in the formation/domicile of companies and also in the division and mergers of companies. We also provide support for any kind of changes to the statutory documents of the companies, or for legal issues related to labor law, as well as contractual advice, making sure that our clients are running their business safely and in compliance with the legal provisions.

Company registration

Within the Ascent Group we offer you assistance in setting up companies, consisting of: consultancy for choosing the legal form most suitable for your type of business, drawing up documents for the company's registration, submitting documents to the Trade Register, obtaining the company's registration certificate and the compulsory minimum authorizations for starting business, including obtaining the VAT code.

Registered office services

If you are at the start of a business and need an address to declare your registered office, Ascent Group offers you the possibility of domicile of the company at our headquarters, this includes, in addition to the registration of the social headquarter and/or the fiscal residence, also minimum secretarial and mail forwarding services.

Registration of non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations)

The procedures of registering non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations) differ from the registration procedures of companies. At the Ascent Group we offer you assistance in registering non-governmental organizations, from choosing the best legal form for the type of NGO you want to set up, to drafting the documents of incorporation and registering it at the Court.

Changes in the statutory documents

Organizations are dynamic and there are often changes in their ownership structure, administration, residence, increase or decrease of shared capital.

We offer you support for any kind of changes in the articles of incorporation, such as: extension of administrator's mandate, change of administrators, change of shareholder structure, modification of some provisions of the articles of association, increase or decrease of capital, change of registered office or extension of its duration.

Divisions and mergers of companies

Our divisions or mergers of companies services include: Advice for choosing the appropriate legal and tax option, drawing up the legal documents for the division or merger, drawing up the financial documents for the division or merger (division/merger balance sheet, etc.), i.e. carrying out all formalities in relation to the Trade Register and the Tax Authorities in order to complete he division or merger.

Consulting services for company liquidations

Not always our plans are working as we wished, from the beginning. Sometimes a business comes to a difficult time and the company must be dissolved or liquidated.

At Ascent Group we offer complete services in order to dissolve or liquidate companies, both from a legal point of view and from a financial-accounting point of view (preparation of the liquidation balance sheet, etc.)

Contractual advising

Contracts are a very important part of a company's business. Whether we are talking about commercial contracts, with customers or suppliers, financing contracts or employment contracts, their impact in the business can be a major one.

Our contractual consultancy services provide support for the drafting of contractual terms, depending on the type of contract, so that you are protected from any risks, as well as assistance in negotiating and concluding/signing contracts.

Advice on business law issues

Trade legislation often differs widely from country to country, which creates challenges for companies in international collaboration. Last but not least, even when we work with local partners, it is very important to know the legal provisions in trade matters in order to protect us from the risk of non-collection or non-compliance with quality standards.

Our business law consulting services help you conduct business safely, confident that you comply with legal regulations, but you are also protected from business risks.

Consultancy on labor law issues

The drafting of employment contracts, internal rules or collective agreements shouldn't be a stress factor.

Through the labor law consultancy services, Ascent Group offers you support in all legal issues related to labor law: from the drafting of various documents provided by law to carry out employment relationships, to assistance in labor disputes or negotiations in connection with employment relationships.

Mediations of labor conflicts

Labor relations are never simple, and in large organizations, where employees' representatives or trade unions are strong and experienced structures, the regular negotiation of collective agreements and the management of conflict situations with employees are often very challenging for organizations.

Ascent Group's consultants have over 20 years of professional experience in consulting services related to labor conflict mediation, with notable results in managing difficult situations for many important organizations, including company restructuring processes or strikes.

Meet the team

Marcel Chișcan

Managing Partner Ascent Group

His 30-year professional experience combines a wide range of fields of activity, from local public administration to sales and advertising, manufacturing or logistics and transport. Over the years Marcel has been in management positions for both SME's and local public administration, industrial projects or in the management of logistics and transport companies, as well as in the board of public or private companies.

Over the last 15 years its managerial and entrepreneurial experience has been enriched by numerous consultancy projects for start-ups and for business development/restructuring, combining the assistance with training activities, in particular on the topics such as Leadership and management, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Strategic planning and strategic thinking, Negotiation skills, Sales techniques and Customer care, Communication skills or Time Management.

Reliana Groza

Legal consultant

Reliana is a graduate of the Faculty of Law within the West University Timisoara and of a Master in Insolvency and Bankruptcy proceedings at the Faculty of Law within Vasile Goldis University Arad. At professional level Reliana has 17 years of legal experience in the field of company law, in the legal department of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Arad county, assistant in commercial arbitration within the Arbitratin Comitee of Arad, Legal consultant within the Ascent Group and legal consultant for several local and national companies, with Romanian or foreign capital.

All over these years she has been involved in numerous consultancy and audit projects, both for local and multinational companies, in various fields of activity: automotive, manufacturing, it, agriculture, trade, services.

Bianca Druc


Bianca has a 19-years experience as a lawyer, being a Member of the Bucharest Bar since 2001. She started working as a lawyer specialized in the field of criminal law, providing legal assistance and representation services in criminal disputes. In parallel, she started to expand its professional competence in civil, administrative and commercial matters, providing legal advice and representation in disputes in this area.

For 10 years she was involved, through collaboration with an ONG., in giving legal advice to owners associations, as well as being part of the team of trainers who support training courses for administrators of condominiums. Bianca joined the Ascent Group team in 2008, offering legal advice and litigation services. Her area of competence is commercial law, company law, administrative law, civil law, tax law, labor law.

,,În 2012 Minimold a deschis o fabrică la Timișoara, care a reprezentat un succes deosebit, un succes care nu ar fi putut fi posibil fără ajutorul și sfaturile primite din partea Ascent Group, și în mod special al Adelei Cristea și al echipei sale excepționale."

Charles J. Lobkowicz

President and CEO, Minimold SpA

,,Ascent Group este un partener mereu deschis la nevoile noastre, care ne ajută să ne dezvoltăm în siguranță. Comunicarea consultanților Ascent cu membrii echipei noastre este foarte bună, oferindu-ne soluții la provocările pe care le întâmpinăm în activitatea financiar-contabilă. Pentru noi, Ascent Group este un partener de 5 stele.”

George Manoilă

General Manager, Deninstal

,,Când vine vorba să participi la un Training organizat și susținut de către echipa Ascent Group, un lucru e cert: pleci cu gândul și cu pofta să muți munții din loc. Mediul cald și totodată profesionist, subiectele adaptate mereu la realitatea actuală și debate-urile constructive din cadrul întâlnirilor creează, la un loc, o experiență de neuitat. Mulțumim, Adela, și abia aștept să ne revedem în sala de curs!”

Gabriela Mihăilă

Sales Training Manager România & Moldova, Avon Cosmetics

"În buna colaborare pe care o avem cu Ascent Group - sub raport contabil, payroll sau juridic - nu am rămas niciodată cu vreo problemă nerezolvată. În comunicarea cu cei din echipa Ascent, aceștia sunt receptivi, iar soluțiile pe care ni le propun apar cu promptitudine. Își fac întotdeauna timp să discute cu noi la un nivel profesionist și am apreciat claritatea în expunerea problemelor și a soluțiilor."

Marius Munteanu

General Manager, Baum Piping

"Ascent Group nu este doar un furnizor de servicii pentru noi, ci un partener de încredere în activitatea noastră zilnică. Adela și toată echipa ei sunt mereu atenți la nevoile noastre, chiar și în momente de intensitate ridicată, reușind să asigure cele mai înalte standarde de calitate."

Giovanni Pometti

Segretario Generale, Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Romania

“Echipa Ascent Group este un partener de incredere pentru noi, impreuna cu care am creat programe cu mult sens atat pentru angajati cat si pentru business. Adela este un trainer extraordinar care reuseste sa imbine exemplar prezenta la nevoile audientei, cu scopul programelor livrate creand un mediu dinamic si interactiv care invita la invatare si adoptarea unor perspective noi.”

Mihaela Matei

Head of Human Capital - People Management, DP World

"Pentru NC-Vision, Ascent este un partener pe care ne putem baza în permanență, încă de la început. De la Resurse Umane și până la departamentul Juridic, Ascent a oferit întotdeauna servicii profesionale, promptitudine și eficiență, ori de câte ori a fost necesar. Cu toată încrederea, le recomandăm serviciile!"

Anca Szomoru

Customer Support Manager- NC VISION

"De la inceputul colaborarii am descoperit o echipa de oameni profesionisti, dedicati, orientati pe rezolvarea problemelor clientului. ASCENT GROUP este un partener de incredere ce ofera servicii de contabilitate, payroll si juridic, tot ce avem nevoie intr-un singur loc. Acestea sunt cateva din atuurile care ne determina sa ii recomandam!”

Ada Balica

People and Culture Administrator– Share Dimension SRL