Building partnerships is at the heart of our business philosophy.

Our partners include both companies we represent in Romania or Eastern Europe and companies that we develop projects for our customers.

Our business philosophy starts from the fact that on the one hand our customers need integrated services to solve as many problems as possible in the same place, but at the same time they need services that are as tailored as possible to their real needs. So we have built a network of partners we represent exclusively in Romania or Eastern Europe to offer one-stop shop services permanently adapted to their daily realities.

When our customers need specialized expertise on fields that are not part of our activity we carry out projects along with exactly Business solution, Rainfall and VAPRO Romania.

Design Thinkers Academy

Design Thinkers Academy delivers both training programs and innovation projects, service design, design thinking, employment experience, etc., with the aim of facilitating multi-disciplinary teams and communities to generate positive changes by moving from a strict product and sales orientation to a service and human orientation. Ascent Group has been one of the co-founders of design Thinkers Academy in Eastern Europe since 2017.

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The Farrell Company

The Farrell Company is the world’s No. 1 company in research of entrepreneurial practices and teaching training programs in entrepreneurship. Larry Farrell is a successful international author in the field of business literature, being the best known and quoted author in the field of entrepreneurship and intra-teaching. Ascent Group is the exclusive representative of the Farrell Company in Eastern Europe plus the German-language countries in Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

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Kauthammer is one of the world's leading providers of training programs, with a broad portfolio of solutions for developing human capital. Ascent Group has been working successfully with Krauthammer for more than 15 years on numerous joint projects for Krauthammer customers in various Eastern European countries (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, etc.) for companies in various fields of activity: automotive, manufacturing, cosmetics, FMCG, logistics, pharma, it, etc.

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EPSN Workforce group Recruitment Network

EPSN Workforce strongly believes in collaboration and connecting people; we believe in changing lives for the better. We guide candidates and clients in their search for professional growth worldwide, primarily in the sectors; Medical & Healthcare, IT, Engineering and Technical & Construction. Utilising an extensive international network to carry out cross border recruitment, allows us to bring a truly unique and effective service. We offer total solutions in international recruitment, including relocation and support.

EPSN Recruitment Network. We are stronger, working together

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Identity Compass

Identity Compass® is an innovative profiling tool that records how people make decisions in typical work situations, highlights what motivates employees and their professional goals, determining where an individual will perform, and where performance can be improved. Ascent Group is the exclusive representative of identity Compass in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Rep. Moldova since 2006.

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Link HR

LinkHR is a specialized agency in executive search, head hunting and staff recruitment that provides complete solutions to companies in all activities related to business organization. Headquartered in Italy, LinkHR operates in different European countries through a network of partner companies. Ascent Group is the exclusive partner of LinkHR in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Rep. Moldova.

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Exact Business Solution

With over 10 years of experience in marketing research, Exact Business Solution offers a wide range of research methods, techniques and tools for both quantitative and qualitative studies. The EXACT team is composed of experts in the fields of marketing, sociology, psychology, mathematics, computing, communication, facilitation, studies and workshops carried out are always accompanied by marketing strategies and recommendations.

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Rainfall is a branding and design consulting agency, which helps companies to position themselves on the market, in the new digital age, with real and profitable solutions for the customer / user / buyer. The company provides complete services, with the help of a team of experts and creators, helping organizations reach the desired results through multiple channels of communication.

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VAPRO România

VAPRO Romania is part of the Dutch group VAPRO International, with over 20 years experience at European level in developing and implementing projects financed by European or national funds. In Romania, the VAPRO portfolio includes hundreds of customers from various industries and over 150 million euros non-reimbursable financing obtained for them, starting with 2007.

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